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BIGBANG Through the Numbers

August 16, 2016 Youtube views of “FANTASTIC BABY” stand at 240 million. BIGBANG’s earnings for the past year is 50.6 billion won (approx. $45,000,000.00/$45 million USD*) . BIGBANG’s 10th anniversary exhibition titled “A.to.Z” is being held at S Factory in Sungsu-dong. Since its opening on August 5, an average of 1,000 people have attended the exhibition. The exhibition… View Article

Seungri will be bringing his solo tour to Singapore

December 9, 2018 #BigBang‘s #Seungri will be bringing his solo tour to Singapore https://t.co/VZbRWaonKY pic.twitter.com/J8UHXuOOgD — Straits Times Life (@ST_LifeTweets) December 8, 2018 South Korean singer-actor Seungri has a funny story to share about a recent trip to Singapore. When he was in a taxi here, he noticed that the driver was singing the song Bang Bang Bang,… View Article

YG Life News Articles on Seungri

September 28, 2018 BIG BANG Seungri’s Heated Tour in Korea and Japan… Reveals His True-Self as a Solo Artist BIG BANG Seungri revealed his true-self as a solo artist, while performing concerts in Korea and Japan for 2 months after making his recent solo comeback. After releasing his first solo album ‘THE GREAT SEUNGRI’ on July 20, he… View Article

BIG BANG To Receive YouTube Diamond Creator Award For 10 Million Subscribers

September 10, 2018 BIG BANG has reached 10 million subscribers on their official YouTube channel, earning them the YouTube Diamond Creator Award. On September 10, BIG BANG’s YouTube channel reached the 10 million subscriber mark. YouTube recognizes channels that reach certain milestones for their influence, with a Diamond Creator Award, also known as the Diamond Play Button, awarded… View Article

Here’s Why G-Dragon’s YouTube Documentary Will Be Straight Fire

August 24, 2018 🔥🐉 https://t.co/mTwq8Z6Ljr #GDRAGON @IBGDRGN — PopCrush (@PopCrush) August 24, 2018 Fans of South Korean rapper G-Dragon can catch a new documentary about the K-pop star on YouTube. The Korea Herald reported Kwon Ji-yong Act 3: M.O.T.T.E, a video and concert footage featuring the 30-year-old performer, born Kwon Ji-yong, will debut Sept. 5 on YouTube Originals…. View Article

BIGBANG 12th Anniversary: BIGBANG Through the Years! (2012-2018)

August 18, 2018 2012: ALIVE Era & World Tour: Known as the rebirth/reinvention of BIGBANG, the entire group came back better and stronger than ever. Taeyang and other members had admitted that the group as a whole was previously starting to drift apart and may have been on the verge of not renewing their contract/breaking up as a… View Article

BIGBANG 12th Anniversary: BIGBANG Through the Years! (2006-2011)

August 18, 2018 This year to celebrate BIGBANG’s 12th anniversary, since we know many of you are missing the members currently serving, we thought we could take a trip down memory lane…. We chose an important music release or event that happened to BIGBANG for each year since they debuted! Please know that there was A LOT that… View Article

YG Life Articles for Seungri

July 30, 2018 Seungri Reaches 1.09 Million Viewers During Chinese Weibo Live…’ Seungtsby Sweeps the Continent’ Seungri reached 1.09 million simultaneous viewers during Weibo live, becoming the ‘Great Seungtsby’ in China. On July 26 at 9 PM (KST), SEUNGRI met the chinses fans through his live broadcast in Weibo, which is China’s largest social media platform. The simultaneous… View Article

“SBS Cultwo Show” Guest DJ Articles

July 26, 2018 Seungri Jokes About How Members Have Changed And Reveals They Owe Him Money Seungri proved his status as one of the funniest members of BIG BANG when he shared some amusing stories of his fellow BIG BANG members on a radio show. On July 26, Seungri appeared as a special DJ on SBS Power FM’s… View Article

Seungri’s Q&A from “The Great Seungri” Press Conference (Translation)

July 22, 2018 “A Male Solo Artist Previously Unseen in K-Pop” From BIGBANG’s cute youngest brother to ‘Strong Baby’, from a successful businessman to a ‘Great Solo Artist’. On July 20, Seungri held a press conference in Cheongdam CGV to celebrate the release his first official solo album ‘The Great Seungri’. Seungri led the creation of his album… View Article