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Made Tour in Seoul Day 1 Open Thread

April 25, 2015 Audio Streaming Links: http://mixlr.com/xxbaexx/ http://mixlr.com/leezykr/ http://mixlr.com/ching0240/ http://www.k-popstream.com Feel free to post fan accounts, photos, etc. in the comments. We’ll post a proper update later when the concert is over. Thank you and enjoy!! BIGBANG to Unveil 2 New Tracks + 1 MV Today at Concert According to Star News via YG Life, Big Bang will… View Article

MADE Tour in Seoul Stage + Trailer BTS [PHOTOS/VIDEO]

April 23, 2015 Preview of the stage of Big Bang’s MADE Tour Seoul concerts from sr8528’s Instagram: Behind the scenes of Big Bang’s MADE Tour trailer from a staff member’s Instagram (jasonwelsh12):

MADE Tour in Seoul Concert Goods [PHOTOS]

April 22, 2015 Official merchandise to be sold at Big Bang’s MADE Tour in Seoul: BOOTH Operation Time: – April 25th : 11:00 ~ 17:30 & 20:30 ~ 21:30 (KST) – April 26th : 10:00 ~ 15:30 & 18:30 ~ 20:00 (KST)

New Poster for BIGBANG’s MADE Tour in Seoul [PHOTO]

April 22, 2015 New poster released for Big Bang’s “MADE” Tour in Seoul: BIGBANG 2015 WORLD TOUR ‘MADE’ in Seoul with NAVER • Dates: April 25 (SAT) 6PM April 26 (SUN) 4PM • Venue: 올림픽공원 체조경기장 (Olympic Gymnastics Stadium) Also posted on G-Dragon’s Instagram: xxxibgdrgn: #BIGBANGMADEDWORLDTOUR #STARTINGTHISAPRIL #D-3

“Blue” Event for MADE Tour in Seoul

April 22, 2015 From Big Bang’s official Facebook Page and website: “BLUE” Event for Big Bang’s MADE Tour in Seoul with Naver 1. Save one of the images below. 2. When Big Bang performs “BLUE” at the concerts, turn off the official VIP light stick. 3. Turn on your phones and display either one of the images to… View Article

BIGBANG “MADE World Tour: Final in Seoul” DVD Promo Spot Released [VIDEO]

August 16, 2016 Source: Big Bang Official Youtube

BIGBANG to Release” MADE World Tour: Final in Seoul” DVD [MERCH.]

August 12, 2016 *Release date : 16/08/23 *Special selling: -Exhibiton 19/8 -Concert 20/8 -offer present -Large poster TRACKLIST 1.VIDEO_INTRO 2.BANG BANGBANG 3.TONIGHT 4.STUPID LIAR 5.MENT#1 6.하루하루 (HARU HARU) 7.VIDEO_PARTY+VANITY 8.LOSER 9.BLUE 10.MENT#2 11.BAD BOY 12.VIDEO_HUSTLER 13.IF YOU 14.VIDEO_MR.CLEAN 15.STRONG BABY 16.VIDEO_TOOTHPICK 17.날개 (WINGS) 18.DOOM DADA 19.VIDEO_PYRO 20.눈코입(EYES NOSE LIPS) 21.쩔어(ZUTTER) 22.GOOD BOY 23.삐딱하게 (CROOKED) 24.맨 정신 (SOBER) 25.BAE BAE… View Article

BIg Bang’s “MADE World Tour Documentary” on SBS (160805) [VIDEO]

August 6, 2016 Source: 241 @dailymotion.com

Preview of BIGBANG’s “MADE World Tour” SBS MTV Documentary Promo [VIDEO]

August 4, 2016 Source: 핑끄 @ youtube.com

“BIGBANG MADE World Tour: Final in Japan” DVD Tops Oricon Daily DVD Charts

July 21, 2016 The DVD release has topped the charts for July 19th: Source: Oricon