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BIGBANG’s “MADE World Tour: in Japan” Long Trailer [VIDEO]

February 16, 2016 Source: BIGBANG Official Youtube

BIGBANG “MADE World Tour: in Japan” Trailer [VIDEO]

February 15, 2016 Source: BIGBANG’s Official youtube

“MADE: World Tour in Japan” Teaser Videos Released [VIDEO]

February 12, 2016 Image of packaging for “MADE: in Japan”: Preview videos: Source: BIGBANG Official youtube & @YGEXStaff

Promos and Teasers for BIGBANG’s “MADE World Tour: Final in Seoul” [VIDEO]

February 2, 2016 Source: BIGBANG’s Official Youtube

“MADE World Tour: in Tokyo, Japan” TV Broadcasted Concert (151114) [VIDEO]

February 1, 2016 Please be aware that due to the wishes of the uploader, these videos are private. Do not reupload them or share them without credit (Thanks to BBDeco for uploading it!). Source: bbdeco @ dailymotion.com via @_BBMusic

BIGBANG’s “MADE World Tour: Final in Seoul” Ticketing Information

January 27, 2016 BIGBANG WORLD TOUR ‘MADE’ FINAL IN SEOUL’s ticket sale will begin on Feb. 2nd at 8pm(KST). Are you excited for the finale of WORLD TOUR ‘MADE’? VIPs! Get ready!! Ticket open : (Concert date – Ticket sale date) Mar. 4th concert – 2016.02.02(TUE) @ 8:00pm(KST) Mar. 5th concert – 2016.02.03(WED) @ 8:00pm(KST) Mar. 6th concert… View Article

BIGBANG’s “MADE World Tour: In Seoul” (Korean Version) Details [MERCH.]

January 21, 2016 To pre-order the Korean version, click here: MADE World Tour: In Seoul (Korean Version) $59.99 Release Date: 16/2/3 Contents: Photobook + 3 DVD + BIGBANG Chapter holder set (paper holder + mini poster + postcard) Size: 224cm*285cm*36cm Sound: Dolby Digital Stereo (5.1 Channel) Subtitles: Korean, English, Chinese (Mandarin) Regional Codes: 1, 3-6 Run Time: 280 Minutes   DISC… View Article

YG Entertainment Announces “MADE World Tour: Final In Seoul” Concert Dates

January 20, 2016 VIPs! Are you ready?!BIGBANG’s WORLD TOUR ‘MADE’ FINAL will take place at Olympic Gymnastics Arena on this March. Thank you always for much love and support! – Dates : 2016.03.04(FRI) 2016.03.05(SAT) 2016.03.06(SUN) – Place : 올림픽공원 체조경기장 (OLYMPIC GYMNASTICS ARENA) Source: @YGEnt_Official & BIGBANG Official Facebook

Seungri will be bringing his solo tour to Singapore

December 9, 2018 #BigBang‘s #Seungri will be bringing his solo tour to Singapore https://t.co/VZbRWaonKY pic.twitter.com/J8UHXuOOgD — Straits Times Life (@ST_LifeTweets) December 8, 2018 South Korean singer-actor Seungri has a funny story to share about a recent trip to Singapore. When he was in a taxi here, he noticed that the driver was singing the song Bang Bang Bang,… View Article

“The Great Seungri” Solo Concert Tour in Fukuoka, Japan (180906)

September 6, 2018 We will continue to update this as more is posted/released. 2018.9.6 FukuokaSeungri mentioned this before at some point, but when the ants got in, his mom came over to save him, although it was 2 A.M.😂Idk if he was joking but apparently they even tried leaving breadcrumbs to lead the ants away(?)🤣😂🤣 — りな (@mitsuzai6)… View Article