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G-Dragon Responds To IU’s Concert Invitation During His Concert In Taiwan

October 9, 2017 BIG BANG’s G-Dragon and IU recently showed off their close friendship once again. On October 7, IU made a surprise appearance in Taipei at G-Dragon’s last concert for his Asia Tour. The two sang “Palette” and “Missing You” together, showing off their beautiful vocal chemistry. Many fans cheered on the two, and were impressed as IU took time… View Article

G-Dragon’s M.O.T.T.E. in Taipei (171008) [PHOTO/VIDEO]

October 8, 2017 Soundcheck: Last MOTTE rehearsal (cr pix) pic.twitter.com/by1NqnUZKv — aRida (@mystifize) October 8, 2017 Jiyong voice was cracking at the soundcheck fan asked him “are you okay?” and he replied “yes am okay” 😢 cr: on vid#MOTTEinTAIPEI pic.twitter.com/BWQIvBW2Z4 — Mystic ❤️ (@YongieMystic) October 8, 2017 final soundcheck final show T_T #motteintaipei cr:little.complicated pic.twitter.com/dthvMuo5KT — cha. (@kwonjiyongbabe)… View Article

Daesung @ “D-Na Show” in Osaka, Japan (171008) [PHOTO/VIDEO]

October 8, 2017 171008 Osaka 2nd Dna Show. Daesung sang Doom Dada upon fan requests. Hyung will kick him for tt high tone… 🤣🤣🤘😍cr mushroomzeze 🤘💕🙆🏻 pic.twitter.com/GB95kBhhig — 대성물고기이 (@daesungfishh) October 8, 2017 161008 Osaka #DnaShow Daesung’s dramatic self-made stage ‘fireworks’ 🤣😍🤤 cr mushroomzeze 🙆🏻😘 pic.twitter.com/cerPj4fUoB — 대성물고기이 (@daesungfishh) October 8, 2017 171008 Osaka #DnaShow 1Daesung lost Diradira… View Article

Daesung Speaks About His New Mini Album & More @ “D-Na Show” Concert (171003) [PHOTO]

October 3, 2017 ✨디라이토2✨ ✔️12일 릴리즈 ✔️4곡 수록#대성 #DLITE pic.twitter.com/eFoDfszMTw — 강대성닷컴 (@kangdot0426) October 3, 2017 I forgot to add “album” 😅. He gave us a snippet of the original song but singing in a funny and brief way 😂 He said it’s an upbeat fun song! — 수사나 (@susifg) October 3, 2017 Apparently there’s some other piece… View Article

Reviews of Taeyang’s “WHITE NIGHT” in Manila Concert

September 28, 2017 One (White) Night in Manila with Taeyang Member of the Korean boy group BIG BANG Taeyang headed to Manila to party with VIPs and kick off his highly anticipated White Night tour in Asia here in the Philippines. Fans might not have had enough time to prepare for the Taeyang’s arrival, but the turnout was… View Article

Seungri Special Guest at Steve Aoki’s WCD Korea Stage (170922) [VIDEO/PHOTOS]

September 23, 2017 World Club Dome (WCD), a massive electronic dance music festival founded in Germany, has kicked off its first Asian event in South Korea. WCD was founded in Frankfurt in 2013 by the German radio station Big City Beats. The festival has attracted approximately 150,000 attendees each year, according to the Korean Tourism Organization. (some info… View Article

News Updates From G-Dragon’s Concerts in Tokyo [NEWS/VIDEO]

September 21, 2017 G-Dragon has entertained 260,000 people in his Japan dome tour… Seungri helped as a surprise guest G-Dragon has successfully wrapped up his Japan dome tour. G-Dragonhas been hosting world tour “ACT III, M.O.T.T.E” in 29 cities around the world. On September 19 and 20, G-Dragon stood on the stage of the Dome of Tokyo, the… View Article

More Articles Reviewing Taeyang’s Concert in Dallas, San Jose & Los Angeles

September 16, 2017 White Night in San Jose: Following the successful concert tours of fellow YG artists G-Dragon and CL, Taeyang followed suit with his 2017 World Tour called WHITE NIGHT to support his latest album release. On September 10, 2017, Taeyang met a sold-out audience at City National Civic Center in San Jose, CA. This was Taeyang… View Article