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8 funny and entertaining moments from Seungri’s “The Great ‘Tagumpay’ Tour” in Manila

January 22, 2019 [ARTICLE] 8 funny and entertaining moments from Seungri's "The Great 'Tagumpay' Tour" in ManilaREAD: https://t.co/64BS16ovFr—-#TheGreatSeungriTour2019#TheGreatSeungriTourInManila#TheGreatSeungrInManila#SeungriInManila#DARAinManila pic.twitter.com/l9HsYT3HSn — Headliner Manila (@headlinermnl) January 21, 2019 BIGBANG’s maknae Seungri recently concluded the Manila leg of his “The Great Seungri Tour 2019” at the Mall of Asia Arena last Saturday, January 19. Here are some of the most memorable… View Article

Seungri will be bringing his solo tour to Singapore

December 9, 2018 #BigBang‘s #Seungri will be bringing his solo tour to Singapore https://t.co/VZbRWaonKY pic.twitter.com/J8UHXuOOgD — Straits Times Life (@ST_LifeTweets) December 8, 2018 South Korean singer-actor Seungri has a funny story to share about a recent trip to Singapore. When he was in a taxi here, he noticed that the driver was singing the song Bang Bang Bang,… View Article

“The Great Seungri” Solo Concert Tour in Fukuoka, Japan (180906)

September 6, 2018 We will continue to update this as more is posted/released. 2018.9.6 FukuokaSeungri mentioned this before at some point, but when the ants got in, his mom came over to save him, although it was 2 A.M.😂Idk if he was joking but apparently they even tried leaving breadcrumbs to lead the ants away(?)🤣😂🤣 — りな (@mitsuzai6)… View Article

Billboard: Seungri’s Debut Tour Proves His Power as a Solo Star

August 28, 2018 Seungri's debut tour proves his power as a solo star https://t.co/UR7SZ5mWFf pic.twitter.com/xUGLa94nn0 — billboard (@billboard) August 27, 2018 The youngest BIGBANG member wrapped the Korean leg of his first solo trek on Aug. 19. Even as the youngest member of K-pop commercial juggernaut BIGBANG, Seungri has forged and built an empire all his own during… View Article

BIGBANG’s Seungri Hilariously Tries—And Fails—To Trick “Salty Tour” Cast To Save Money

August 26, 2018 On the latest episode of tvN’s “Salty Tour,” BIGBANG’s Seungri made an entertaining attempt to save money by tricking the other cast members! The August 25 broadcast of the reality show followed Seungri and his fellow travelers as they explored the Chinese city of Xiamen on an extremely tight budget. At one point during the… View Article

After Captivating 90,000 Fans at His Solo Tour, Daesung Holds Finale in Hawaii

January 9, 2018 Daesung’s 5-month-long solo hall tour has finally come to a close. Starting in Japan from August last year, Daesung has completed his longest and biggest solo tour where he attracted 90,700 fans to 41 shows in 19 cities. Daesung held his final “D-na Show Vol. 1” shows in Hawaii on January 6 and 7 among… View Article

BIGBANG’s Last Dance 2017 Dome Tour in Osaka #5 (171222)

December 22, 2017 Anecdotes/Specifics: DS: *Imitate Seungri* SR: This isn’t good DS: Ah, your singing is really good *Imitate Seungri again* SR: You always do this with your mouth. DS: *Sings “Koe wo umaaaaai” (The voice is tasty) SR: This isn’t food. This is bad. SR: *Imitate Daesung*#LASTDANCEInOsaka #Day2 — BIGBANG EVERYTHING (@BBEVERYTHINGBR) December 22, 2017 SR: Our… View Article

BIGBANG’s Last Dance 2017 Dome Tour in Osaka #3 (171125) [PHOTOS/VIDEOS]

November 25, 2017 Osaka Love! This never gets old. 3 sold out shows! Thanks for the support! #LastDanceJapanDomeTour #BigBang A post shared by Mr ★ ReD (@briightred5) on Nov 25, 2017 at 1:34am PST Anecdotes/Fan Accounts By @BBEVERYTHINGBR + Translated by @Ji_BB181908: • Daesung: Now… your voice is so different and innocent. Seungri: Even the staff told me… View Article

BIGBANG’s Last Dance 2017 Dome Tour in Osaka #1 (171123) [PHOTOS/VIDEOS]

November 24, 2017 Fan Accounts/Anecdotes By @mshinju: • After GD finished his MC (“When winter ends, spring comes” “Let’s dance the last dance together with a smile”) YB started to sing BLUE (“winter changes to spring”) and Daesung went to GD to dance a waltz with him (Daesung took the lead until GD took over – he insisted)…. View Article

Taeyang Asks Fans to Only Look at Him at 2017 World Tour White Night in Jakarta

October 15, 2017 #Taeyang Asks Fans to Only Look at Him at 2017 World Tour White Night in Jakarta #TAEYANGinJKT https://t.co/3oogMlssMx pic.twitter.com/sVyYB099b8 — StarArena (스타아레나) (@StarArena_) October 15, 2017 Jakarta, 2017 – Taeyang, the member of legendary K-Pop boy band BIGBANG, came to have a good time with fans in Jakarta! Held on October 13, 2017, at JIEXPO… View Article