T.O.P Finishes Military Service + Instagram Update

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Even though I am not proud of myself,
I would like to express my deepest gratitude to all the fans who made time and efforts to share this moment with me.
I will make sure to reflect on my self and repay the hurts and disappointments I caused to you.
Again, thank you

Until I see you again.. love, T.O.P.

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Article from July 6th:

On July 6, T.O.P began his last day of service as a public service worker, greeted by fans as he arrived at the The Yongsan Crafts Museum in the morning. He is set to be discharged when his work ends for the day at 7 p.m. KST.

A source from his agency YG Entertainment stated, “T.O.P himself has stated that he hopes to have a quiet discharge as he does not wish to cause discomfort to the visitors of the museum.” They added that to respect his wishes, T.O.P will head home after being discharged without any separate events or greetings.

T.O.P initially enlisted as a conscripted policeman in February 2017 as the first member of BIGBANG to go to the army. He served until June of that year, when he was dismissed from duty due to marijuana use. In January 2018, he then resumed his mandatory service as a public service worker.

He was initially scheduled to complete his service in early August, but new military laws implemented in 2018 shortened service periods for soldiers, and his new discharge date was pulled from July 8 to July 6 as his workplace does not open on Mondays.

T.O.P is the first member of BIGBANG to be discharged from the military. G-Dragon enlisted in February 2018, and Taeyang and Daesung enlisted in March 2018. All three are expected to be discharged by the end of the year.

Source: XSports via Soompi

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