YG Shares Instagram Update On Paper Shredding Topic

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A few days ago, YG Entertainment came under scrutiny when a truck from a document/item shredding company came to the building in the early morning of a workday. Some tried to say they were destroying goods that dealt with Seungri and possible evidence of something. This was YG’s personal response.

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Yang Hyun Suk Shares Documents Refuting Claims That YG Tried To Destroy Evidence Tied To Seungri

Yang Hyun Suk has personally stepped up to respond to allegations that YG Entertainment destroyed evidence related to Seungri’s Burning Sun incident.

YG Entertainment had released a statement denying the accusations after the initial report, and Yang Hyun Suk has now provided more documentation. On March 4, he shared a series of photos to his personal Instagram account with the caption, “I hope this will help correct misinformation.”

Following a screenshot of articles alleging that YG Entertainment had hired a document shredding service to destroy evidence related to Seungri, Yang Hyun Suk wrote, “I looked into it because I was curious. This is a process we do every three months for each quarter. We typically notify our employees 10 days before it happens. After the reported allegations, we contacted the company, and the documents in question were not shredded and are currently being stored in a warehouse facility. I hope this will help correct misinformation.”

He then proceeded to share the notice sent out on February 18 to all YG Entertainment employees regarding the most recent collection of materials, which took place on February 28. He then shared additional documentation showing how the process was a regular affair.

Finally, he shared a screenshot from a notice written by the asset management team stating that they had requested the company to hold the material collected on February 28 without destroying it in order to minimize any misunderstandings that may occur. According to the notice, the material is currently sealed and stored in a warehouse facility.

The new documentation shared by Yang Hyun Suk is in response to allegations made on February 28 that YG Entertainment was attempting to destroy evidence by calling in a document shredding service.

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