Military Manpower Administration Explains Seungri’s Enlistment Status

Posted March 8, 2019 by

The Seoul Regional Military Manpower Administration has commented regarding Seungri’s upcoming enlistment.

Earlier in the day, YG Entertainment confirmed that he will be enlisting as an active duty soldier on March 25.

In response to the news, a source from the Seoul Regional Military Manpower Administration once again confirmed, “Seungri received his draft notice, so it is true that he is enlisting.”

Regarding questions about his enlistment amidst ongoing investigations, the source explained, “Unless an arrest warrant is issued and he is imprisoned before his enlistment, he is required to enlist. However, the investigation will not conclude, and the investigative authorities will continue the investigation in partnership with the military.”

Another source of the Military Manpower Administration said, “Recently, celebrities and children of influential figures who enlist after causing societal disturbances have separately been under special management,” and added, “If Seungri is found guilty of any charges prior to his enlistment, the military can delay his enlistment.”

Source (1) via @Soompi