Be.A’s Yeongkyun Seemingly Calls Out BIGBANG’s Seungri Over His Past Advice

Posted March 2, 2019 by

Be.A member Yeongkyun has taken to Instagram to address some comments made to him in the past, with outlets reporting that his post seems to be in light of recent controversies surrounding BIGBANG’s Seungri.

On March 1, Yeongkyun uploaded the following post on his Instagram:

You told me that you’d tell me something as a senior artist, and then in front of all the staff you said “Aren’t you the same age as me? If you can’t make it even after doing this much, then wouldn’t it be better for you to learn a trade? You need to make money so you can be filial to your parents.” It was given as advice, but it was like you stabbed me with a dagger and left.

Now, in front of the entire nation, it’s all coming back to you many times over.

I’ve always been filial towards my parents. =) It’s possible to be filial without using money. Thank you for teaching me that it’s important for people to be humble. #BurningSun #GHB #Prostitution

Yeongkyun previously participated in the 2017 YG Entertainment survival show “MIXNINE,” on which Seungri appeared as a judge during evaluations.

Seungri has recently been swept up in controversies, including over allegations that he offered sexual favors from prostitutes to investors, which YG Entertainment has denied. This follows recent controversies surrounding the club Burning Sun, after a patron reported an assault incident at the club and concerns were raised about suspicions of drugs being regularly used as part of sexual assault at the establishment. Seungri has been linked to these controversies due to his associations with the club, although he and the CEOs have stated that he was only a consultant for the club and not involved in its management.

Source (1) via @soompi