BBU HIATUS: A Letter to the Community

Posted March 13, 2019 by

Dear BBU/VIP community,

Hello again. We wanted to address you all in a letter about everything that has been going on with us. If you saw our tweets yesterday, you know that we had decided to try and take a semi-hiatus (only posting big things occasionally, from main news organizations). While we love running BBU, love Big Bang and always want to keep you all informed, everything going on recently has basically run us dry.

Given that Seungri is now “retired” and so many are covering the news and stories going on in a more detailed way than we ever could, we have chosen to take a full hiatus starting now. With all the other members enlisted and Seungri currently not in the industry anymore, we believe taking a break for a few months is best.

The last 2 months have worn us down, made us stressed and exhausted us. At the point where everything is now, we simply want the truth to come out and those guilty and innocent to be settled. No matter what the final decision is, we know that we all need time for things to settle down and to be able to wrap our heads around it all. We know that everything going on has been a lot for everyone involved and those following the news.

As a site we try to collect the information from other sites and organizations to compile it here for you. Right now there is too much going around that is inaccurate from all sides, and that isn’t right or helping anyone.

We apologize to anyone who is angry or sad with us for this decision, but we do think it is for the best. Please understand and when this is all over, we will try to share a final announcement of everything. We will return. Just like anyone else, we need breaks too..

We love you and we will always stand by Big Bang. Thank you for always supporting our little fan site. See you soon VIP and please stay well,

BBU Admins.