VIPs partied with a big bang at The Great Seungri Tour in Singapore

Posted February 24, 2019 by

Seungri, the youngest member of BIG BANG, one of South Korea’s hottest and longest running boy groups held his first solo concert in Singapore last evening, turning the concert hall into a party. 

The show kicked off with a bang as Seungri came up on stage with Big Bang’s hit song, Bang Bang Bang, setting the venue on fire as VIPs began grooving and jumping to the beat together with their favourite artist on stage. 

After the first two songs, Seungri greeted his Singapore VIPs and prompted everyone to turn and greet one another, in an attempt to loosen everyone up and get VIPs enjoying the show together before he moved onto his next song.

Performing some of his solo tracks such as GG BeAloneWhere R U From and Hotline, Seungri got VIPs constantly putting their hands up and jumping to the music. He also performed some of BIG BANG and other member’s popular tracks like Fantastic BabyCrooked and Good Boy towards the end of the show.

Fan interaction was also on high as Seungri spent a lot of his time on stage talking to VIPs, many times cracking the audience up with his Singaporean accent and attempts to speak in Singlish, which we have to admit, was quite spot on, at one point he jokingly said that his fans were glad that “finally GD come out la, Seungri go to army la.” 

Halfway through the show, Seungri shared with VIPs some of the photos of Big Bang he found online, featuring photos of G-Dragon compared to a Tamagoyaki, which made him avoid eating Tamagoyaki despite being a sushi lover, and a photo of himself 3 years ago, compared to a cat, bringing up the fact that he has aged.

Seungri then got VIPs to whip out their phones to turn on their flashlights, “thank you for supporting us, BIG BANG is shining because of you, please keep shining like this and wait till we come back” he added before moving onto his Eyes, Nose, Lips stage with the video of the flashlights on the LED Screen behind him. 

Having released more than 200 songs over the past 13 years, and performed at over 500 shows all over the world, Seungri then ended the show with a medley of BIG BANG’s songs, followed by expressing his heartfelt gratitude towards VIPs and asking them to wait patiently for his return as well as BIG BANG’s return as he is soon entering the army, once again, bringing laughter to the crowd as he promised VIPs that he will not grow fat and will “be more shuai okay mah?”

Article by: Zan @ KAvenyou
Photos from: CK Star Entertainment