Seungri Revealed To Have Tested Negative For First Round Of Drug Tests

Posted February 28, 2019 by

The results have come out regarding the first round of drug tests for BIG BANG’s Seungri.

On February 28, Seungri’s legal representatives revealed, “According to the police, there were no issues with the first round of drug tests and [Seungri] was tested negative. Because a hair follicle testing will be able to detect drugs up to two to three years prior to the test, it has been sent to the National Institute of Scientific Investigation. We were told to expect the results one or two weeks later.”

They added, “We are anticipating the truths for many allegations to be revealed shortly.”

On February 27 at 9 p.m. KST, Seungri arrived at the police station and underwent questioning about the various controversies and allegations surrounding him. The singer was released eight and a half hour later.

Source (1) (2) via @Soompi