Beenzino Tells What It Was Like Being in the Military with Taeyang & Daesung

Posted February 19, 2019 by

Korean hip-hop artist Beenzino revealed what it was like being in the military with K-pop boy group BIG BANG’s members Taeyang and Daesung.

Recently, Beenzino spent about an hour communicating with fans through a live broadcast on his social media.

During the live broadcast, one of his fans asked about his military life with Taeyang and Daesung.

Beenzino excitedly responded, “So, Taeyang really likes to talk and always talks for hours until it’s late.”

He continued, “On the other hand, Daesung is the kind of person who gets sleepy when the clock points at 10PM. He goes to bed at 10PM and wakes up at 6AM. He sometimes even wakes up before everybody else and just stares at nowhere for ages until others wake up.”

Then, Beenzino told an interesting story that happened due to this difference.

Beenzino said, “There was this time when Taeyang wanted to have a chat with me and Daesung. That’s when I realized that he was called the sun (the meaning of ‘taeyang’) for a reason; to keep Daesung awake.”

He laughed and wrapped up the story, “Anyway, when Taeyang got sleepy, he moonwalked back to his bed.”

Meanwhile, Beenzino has been discharged from the military on February 16, and both Taeyang and Daesung are expected to complete their military service in December 2019.

Source: SBS Star