Beenzino Reveals He Considered Staying In Military + Shares Which Celebrities He Met

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Beenzino recently greeted his fans through an Instagram Live!

The rapper is one of many celebrities who will be discharged from the military in 2019. During the Instagram Live, Beenzino expressed his concern about being discharged. He shared honestly, “Now that I’m about to be discharged, I feel lost and confused. I’m also scared now that I’m about to leave.” He also talked about his fear of having to receive recognition for hip hop again, but added that he didn’t really need to be acknowledged by others.

He continued, “Will I be able to do well after I leave? Should I just stay? Should I become a staff sergeant? If I become a staff sergeant, I thought, ‘Won’t I be the first [among celebrities] to take that path?’”

However, he added, “But Stefanie told me not to do it. The concern has already ended. She asked how I could do this to a gomshin (a person whose significant other is in the army),” showing his affection for his girlfriend Stefanie Michova.

Beenzino also talked about celebrities he’s seen in the army, including BIG BANG’s Taeyang and Daesung, Joo Won, and Go Kyung Pyo. While talking about them, he asked, “Don’t you know Goon Bang?” which is a nickname for the “Military idol group” consisting of himself and the previously mentioned celebrities.

The rapper shared that he’s also seen ZE:A’s Im Siwan and 2PM’s Taecyeon, and he also talked to rapper Don Mills, who Beenzino jokingly said is afraid of his senior.

Beenzino will be discharged on February 28!

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