Nightclub “Burning Sun” Facing Accusations & Currently Being Handled by the Police

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This is a brand new situation that only just recently has come out/been shared and thus not all information is yet available & what is available is still being put together. We will simply shared the news of what has been said to be going on and current issues. Below are informative articles & info we have discovered. Please remember this is an ongoing situation & investigation that was announced only today. Currently the staff and heads of the club are facing any charges/accusations, but there are also some who are saying that as a co-owner of the club, Seungri should also be held responsible and may have known about the issue going on. There is also talk of there being some kind of police pay off going on, but that information is currently very blurry, unproven and not complete. There is now new news coming out that Mr.Kim, mentioned as the main victim/beaten up, was seen and caught on CCTV walking up to and bothering multiple women at the club that night. That newsis still be translated/added to main sources. The woman dragged/pulled by security was simply drunk and not acting appropriately. There is a photo from the staff of Burning Sun below with her hand written apology.

Be careful of what you read and what you believe and exactly the bias placed on an article/information source. It is up to you to form your own views and opinions about a situation and please keep in mind, this is a brand new, active situation where the information is still coming out. Thank you:

Man Speaks Out About Arrest At Club Owned By BIG BANG’s Seungri + Reveals CCTV Footage

On January 28, MBC’s “News Desk” revealed a CCTV footage of the assault at Burning Sun, a club owned by BIG BANG’s Seungri. The assault took place last year in Gangnam.

Mr. Kim, who claims to be the victim, was allegedly attacked by the security guards at the club but was arrested as the assailant.

Previously, Mr. Kim posted on online community Bobaedream about the incident. He wrote, “On November 24 at Burning Sun, a woman who was being sexual harrassed grabbed my shoulder and hid behind me. I asked a security guard for help, but I ended up getting beat up by the security guards and people who seemed like their friends.” He claimed that he was put in handcuffs and taken to the police station, where he was further assaulted by the police. To support his claims, he put up a photo of his bleeding face and another photo of him receiving medical treatment at the hospital.

In the newly revealed CCTV footage, several security guards drag Mr. Kim out of the club and make him fall on the ground. The club’s CEO Mr. Jang grabs the man by his hair, hits him in the face, drags him out into the road, and continues to beat him. The security guards grab onto Mr. Kim and help Mr. Jang assault him.

At an interview with “News Desk,” Mr. Kim stated, “One person took the lead in beating me and the security guards helped out. It was extremely shameful. I remember everyone was watching me.” When Mr. Jang and the security guards returned to the club, Mr. Kim called the police and reported the incident.

When the police arrived at the scene after 10 minutes, they spoke with a representative from the club and put handcuffs on Mr. Kim. According to Mr. Kim, the police did not attempt to search for Mr. Jang, look inside the club, or check the CCTV footage.

In a document explaining the reasons for Mr. Kim’s arrest, Mr. Kim was written as the assailant and Mr. Jang was written as the victim. When “News Desk” reached out to the club and police to hear their thoughts, a source from the club stated that Mr. Kim was charged for sexual harassment, while the police stated that Mr. Kim was arrested for obstruction of business. In addition, the police said that they are investigating both assaults, including the allegations of Mr. Kim’s sexual harassment inside the club.

Later, Mr. Kim shared through social media, “The police has summoned me due to Mr. Jang’s accusation against me for defamation. Don’t make me come and go, you come to the court. I’m going to report you to the prosecution so let’s make clear who got defamed.”

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Police Gives Official Statement About Assault Case At Club Owned By Seungri

Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency has made an official statement regarding the assault at BIG BANG member Seungri’s club Burning Sun.

According to Mr. Kim, he was assaulted by the CEO of the club (Mr. Jang) last November 24 but was arrested as the assailant when the police arrived at the scene. On January 28, MBC’s “News Desk,” revealed a CCTV footage of several security guards from the club beating Mr. Kim in the face and stomach area. Some of the injuries Mr. Kim suffered included three broken ribs, which would take five weeks to heal completely.

On January 29, Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency stated through an official press release, “At the time of our arrival, Mr. Kim was overly emotional and refused to reveal his personal information. We were attempting to verify the report that he had assaulted the security guards and caused a disturbance, but Mr. Kim continued to cause a commotion, which is why he was arrested for business obstruction, among other reasons.”

They also stated, “We have secured evidence such as CCTV footages of the surrounding areas and are currently in the process of looking into them. We have also called Mr. Jang in for an investigation. Several cases are being investigated simultaneously, including the statement from a representative of the club and their countercharge against Mr. Kim. Mr. Kim is currently refusing to come in for an investigation.”

They concluded with the words, “We will engage in the investigation carefully and meticulously to ensure that no one is falsely accused.”

Meanwhile, on January 29, Mr. Kim put up a government petition on the Blue House website asking them to thoroughly investigate the case and bring out the truth. Over 90,000 people have signed the petition as of January 29 at 3:00 p.m. KST.

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Club Burning Sun’s Statement:

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[오늘 인터넷에 게시, 유포된 여성고객 관련 동영상 관련 확인내용] 당해 동영상에 대하여 확인한 결과, 앞서 게시 글에서 설명드린 바와 같이 2018년 12월 1일 클럽을 방문한 외국인 여성고객이 술에 취해 가드를 폭행하고 다른 고객들의 테이블에서 소란을 피워 클럽의 여성가드가 동영상에 나오는 여성고객을 제지하고 경찰에 신병을 인계하였던 상황이었습니다. 당시 동영상에 나오는 여성고객을 제지하는 과정에서 폭행을 당한 여성 가드분이 당시 상황에 관하여 자신의 페이스북 계정에 올린 글과 폭행 여성으로부터 받은 사과 편지를 당시 상황의 이해를 돕고자 게시합니다.

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Some fans have already chosen to support Seungri or not over the reported issue:

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