GAON Top Digital Music for 2018

Posted January 11, 2019 by

GOAN does a lot of different rankings, both for digital and physical, weekly, monthly and yearly of each, Korean only, foreigner only and mixed charts, etc., so what is below, is what we pulled out from that. If you click here, you can check out the entirety of the charts released (the main tabs are in English and below that are tabs doe weekly, monthly and yearly).

The rankings below are for GAON’s 2018, year end chart in Digital sales. Overall, BIG BANG was 17th with “FLOWER ROAD” (#15 for Korean music only), but for boy group rankings, they came in 2nd. As their only music release this year was digital (there was no physical single sales & they did not release an album), they could only rank on the digital chart. They also placed #20 overall for yearly downloads (for “FLOWER ROAD”). On the streaming chart, they were #23 overall.:

Seungri’s solo “1, 2, 3” also placed in the top 100 digital singles. He placed #93 (#89 for Korean music only). In the monthly charts he ranked #94 (#85 for Korean only music) and #97 for weekly. As for monthly downloads he was #91 and weekly downloads he was #99. For streaming he was #92 (#98 for monthly and #97 for weekly):

Source: GAON Charts via as tagged