WINNER’s Seunghoon Reveals a Shocking Thing Taeyang Said to Him Recently

Posted December 26, 2018 by

K-pop boy group WINNER’s member Seunghoon/Hoony revealed how another boy group BIG BANG’s Taeyang is doing in the military.

On December 25 episode of MBC every1’s talk show ‘Video Star’, all four members of WINNER― Jinu, Seunghoon (Hoony), Seungyoon (Yoon), and Mino were invited to the show.

During the talk, Hoony said “I have an exclusive story to tell today. This is for Taeyang’s fans who are waiting to hear his news.”

He told the story, “Taeyang once asked WINNER to perform at a military festival. After performing, we got to meet Taeyang. But he was not the guy we all know him as. He had changed a lot.”

The hosts seemed shocked to hear that the military had changed Taeyang and eagerly asked, “For real? What’s changed? Tell us all about it!” Hoony continued telling the story, “Did you know that Taeyang has gained about 10kg (22lbs)? I think he’s gained weight, because he has a very regular/structured life these days.”

He carried on, “What shocked me the most was the fact that Taeyang boasted about his military beret. He even went on to describe how he keeps his military beret in shape. He seemed truly happy when he was talking about his military beret to us as well!” Hoony explained why that came as a big shock to him, “For me, Taeyang is still the trendy guy who gets invited to fashion events by different luxurious brands. It made my eyes a little teary.” After listening to Hoony, one of the hosts, Dara added, “I went to a military festival that was held at Daesung’s military base. At that time, Daesung told me how great his lip balm provided by the military was.”


Currently, Taeyang is serving his national mandatory duty as an active-duty soldier and expected to be discharged in December 2019.

Source: SBS English