Seungri Talks About BIG BANG With Some Jokes And A Lot Of Pride

Posted December 15, 2018 by

The December 14 broadcast of KBS 2TV’s “Weekly Entertainment” met up with BIG BANG’s Seungri in Singapore.

The BIG BANG member said he was in Singapore for business as the creative director of a new VR park. Talking about why he got into business, Seungri said, “Honestly, I was nervous. Because the other members [of BIG BANG] are so talented, I had nothing in my arsenal that I could call my own. So I started in business, something that the other members don’t really do, and I slowly got to where I am today.”

Showing his sincerity in his work, he said, “It’s not business where I’m exploiting my fame as a celebrity; I’m engaging in my work with depth and thought.”

Seungri said he’s not a big spender, and when asked how the BIG BANG members are with money, he said, “They’re all good. They’re incredibly frugal.” On who pays when they all go out to eat, Seungri said, “Of course it’s the one with the most money.” The interviewer said, “Is it you?” and Seungri responded, “How could I beat G-Dragon?”

In all seriousness, with pride, he added, “But that’s a joke. When it comes to the members of BIG BANG, G-Dragon is more than happy to spend money. He’s a proper man.”

Seungri was then asked to describe his role in BIG BANG. He said, “I’m a folding screen.” He insisted despite protests from the interviewer, saying, “This is really important. [In BIG BANG], I should neither stand out, nor be lacking. If the five of us are on stage, it’s always G-Dragon and Taeyang that are [completely decked out, with necklaces, rings, and everything]. For me and Daesung, we have a T-shirt, a jacket, and that’s it.”

However, it’s entirely appropriate, said Seungri. “Imagine if we all were draped in jewelry. Are we an accessory shop? If we’re standing next to G-Dragon or Taeyang, we shine together.” He joked, “So in order to be more reflective, I’ll sometimes wear something like foil.”

“In BIG BANG, there’s a proper order to things,” said Seungri when asked about why he took five years to return with a solo album. “G-Dragon has to release an album, and then Taeyang. Me, I’m last. Once the members have all hit home runs, it’s, ‘You can do whatever you want, whether you hit a single, a home run, or bunt. We’ve already hit home runs.’ It’s kind of like that.”

Source (1) via @soompi