HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEE SEUNGHYUN!!!!: 10 Moments Maknae Being Loved By His Hyungs (181212)

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We have reached the last month of the year and that can ONLY mean one thing… SEUNGRI’S BIRTHDAY!!!!! He is a whopping 28 years old this year! DANG! The young ones always grow up so fast! We are here once more to celebrate the maknae and baby of BIG BANG’s birthday. We all know he is the king of partying and never ending energy, so we thought why not take this celebration down a little bit and make it about love and connection with the rest of the members. We all know that he misses his hyungs, that is no lie or secret, but to help feel all the feelzzzz we thought we might show you 10 moments of BIG BANG loving on, showing respect and care, towards the maknae…cause let’s be honest…even when they act tough towards him, you KNOW he really gets away with whatever he wants. Enjoy!


1. G-Dragon loves Seungri too much?
This is actually a compilation of a bunch of different times over the years where they have joked and shown G-Dragon showing and talking about loving Seungri too much. We all know in reality that G-Dragon truly cares for his maknae and only wants the best for him, but he allows Seungri to make light of it and have fun with him as they joke about the love. Never stop loving our birthday boy leader!

2. Members watching Seungri’s solo stage in 2011:
THis is another long clip, but it is so nice, seeing the members together (except Daesung who was on break following his 2011 accident), watching the maknae and smiling, joking, calling him the best, being impressed with his performance and so on. They all watch his performance from their Japanese concert and get to comment on what they think. They all seem so happy, praise him and get to joke around in a way that brings out their brightest smiles. Even T.O.P shows how impressed he is and they call Seungri “the best!” in this video. The hyungs love their maknae!

3. Seungri & T.O.P Kiss for “Secret Garden” Parody & Member Reactions (2011):
Alright, so we’re not sure if this counts or not….but we all know that the members (particularly GD & T.O.P) love to give Seungri little kisses and joke around with skinship. That being said this video has the members laughing and reacting to when (in the parody) T.O.P kisses Seungri. It may not just be about Seungri, but seeing their happy faces, the laughing, how positive it all was, we thought it was cute and shows how much Seungri entertains them and makes everyone happy. You can see the love from how they look over Seungri and even Seungri looks amused and very happy as he laughs too. This seemed like the perfect clip to simply show how BIG BANG is with each other and especially their maknae.

4. Seungri dancing at “MADE: Final in Seoul” Concert (2016)
This is another group moment, as the others encourage Seungri, then watch him, dance to music from the BIG BANG Band. TO us this showed love and friendship from them to Seungri as they smile, encourage him, laugh and cheer him on. You can see Daesung and G-Dragon’s happy faces and how proud and excited they are at moments. They want to see Seungri show off his skills and do some variety. As much as members joke that Seungri talks to much or hogs the stage, they let him do a lot and use him as their main stage speaker. Seungri is a people person and very outwardly spoken, and in moments like this you can see that and how much the members are okay with that and want him to show off. They want their maknae front and center and we all love that!

5. Daesung & Seungri: Awkward to Brothers (2007-2017)
Yes, this is a whole mix of clips, but we couldn’t find one specifically that we thought would be good here. We wanted to show Daesung and Seungri’s relationship specifically as we all know the history of how they started out awkward, but have since grown to love and cherish each other as brothers. The video below has moments over the years where Daesung has shown his love and appreciation for his maknae as well as a bit of the awkward moments and the push our precious maknae made to get his hyung to open up to him more. Isn’t Seungri simply the most amazing person ever!?!?! Watch below for some sweet “DaeRi” moments!

6. “Let’s Talk About Love” with GD & Taeyang (2013)
Continuing the love for Seungri, here are G-Dragon and Taeyang doing guest spots in his song “Let’s Talk About Love”. You can obviously watch the entire live performance, but we put it to specifically where they come together for the featuring parts, because not only does it show how much they love and want to help him, to feature, but you can see the smiles on their faces and how much the olders love maknae. It is sweet and cute and overall something all VIPs can get behind. Makes us all just want to cuddle them and remind them how amazing they are! GO SEUNGRI! YOU GET THAT HYUNG LOVE!

7. Seungri’s “Leg Hug” to T.O.P (2011)
OKay…so this was from Seungri to T.O.P instead of the other way around…but…seeing the reactions and the smiles/laughs all around, we had to include it. While on a music show (M Soundplex), Seungri goes to hug T.O.P, but winds up jumping, wrapping his legs around the eldest member and then holds on with NOTHING but his legs…talk about strength! Either way, the members all seem to laugh and find it amusing and funny, bringing smiles to their faces and making T.O.P give off a funny, embarrassed look. Though we can all see his laugh and how amused he was by this…

8. Taeyang complimenting maknae (2013):
We made it so this clip starts at the correct spot, (a 2:00), but the point of it is to show how even when joking, Taeyang likes to compliment and praise Seungri. Calling him funny and wrapping his arm around him in care as they walk. Taeyang may be a troll and a jokster and sometimes take thing to the point of killing a joke…he is still loving and sincere towards his members. So when he compliments Seungri and calls him funny, we know he really means it <3

9. BIG BANG Hyungs sending Seungri flowers to congratulate him:
Yes…we know…this isn’t a video….but in all honesty, we looked for one and couldn’t find any….but moving on! Most notably this has been noticed at his recent solo concerts in Seoul, earlier this year, but Big Bang hyungs have a habit of sending Seungri flowers…both as a group and individually. They love to dote on him and show how much they support him, even when they cannot be there physically, like now, as they are serving in the military. Below are some photos from some of the wreaths and arrangements they’ve sent him over the years.

So once againw e went with photos here because it felt like it captured more moments than the videos could, because fans are able to take more photos than they can videos at a lot of event, plus screencaps & gifs….you know what we mean. We chose this as the last one, because even though we included moments of hugs and love above, these little snapshots taken t different events and in the past just show how much the other members love, dote on and care for their maknae…all of them. Even those those like Daesung that used to be awkward with Ri, now cherish him as the brother he is. We hope that you enjoy the little snapshots below of just the care they feel for him, even when he is poked and prodded and in some way joked about…they always do it out of love.

Okay….let’s be real here…it wouldn’t be a Seungri birthday if we didn’t include T.O.P and Taeyang’s FAVORITE catchphrase, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRO!” So below is a compiled video of some of their…wishes…to him. ENJOY!

Once again thank you all for joining us to celebrate Seungri’s birthday! Please feel free to leave a comment and help celebrate and spread the love we all have and how much we all love the maknae! Please note that none of the Youtube clips we used are ours and belong to their respective owners and uploaders. We are simply embedding and sharing them with others to celebrate Seungri’s birthday. We claim no rights or ownership. Thank you!