Taeyang & Daesung Perform @ “Ministry of National Defense: Military Band Concert” (181115)

Posted November 17, 2018 by

Note: We are so, so sorry this update is coming out late! Working a full job, going to school at the same time, preparing for the holidays and also doing regular family/home chores too has left a lot less time lately for me to be able to check for other updates missed 😭. I am beyond sorry that this is only going up now. Please forgive us. We will work harder from here on out and do our best not to miss anything again. This is what we get for doing updates at 5am before work. Thank you and again, apologies!

This was at the “Ministry of National Defense: Military Band Concert” at KBS Hall, Seoul. Taeyang & Daesung performed “BANG BANG BANG” and “FANTASTIC BABY”, while they and Beenzino, Joo Won & Go Kyung Pyo performed “We Like 2 Party” and “As I Say”. Special thanks to “OneBlueMouse/A Blue Mouse” who compiled the videos together!

Source: kyunng_ii, a_____yes, tyeobi97, y00n.0421, gwanpyosaid_, js_ik, mijin108 @ Instagram and via A BlueMouse/ @OneBlueMouse