Seungri Supports Friend Via Instagram +Some Request Clarification

Posted November 6, 2018 by

(Please make sure to read the NOTE at the end of the article. Thank you.)

Some people are requesting clarification from BIG BANG’s Seungri after he made a post supporting his friend on his personal Instagram account.

On November 5, Seungri posted a screenshot of the voting page for male fashion magazine Maxim’s Miss Maxim Contest. He also included a caption that read, “Please vote on #Maxim. If #LeeAhYoon takes first place, I will do an Instagram live broadcast for one hour! #bestfriend #LeeChoco.” Lee Choco is Lee Ah Yoon’s nickname.

Some people were critical towards the post and commented, “There are underage fans too. How can you ask fans to go vote on a website where there are [sexually explicit photos]?,” “It’s rude to use an Instagram live broadcast as if it’s a generous reward for fans,” and “Why do you ask fans to do these kind of things?”

Others even started to question whether Seungri’s account was hacked or not. However, when some fans messaged Lee Ah Yoon for an explanation, she said, “The account isn’t hacked. I’m currently in last place while there’s only a few days left until the voting ends. So Seungri posted that to help me. If fans were hurt, I’m sorry.”

Seungri has since removed the post, his profile photograph and set his Instagram account to private (meaning only those that follow him can see his posts).

Source (1) via @Soompi

NOTE: If you are already following Seungri on Instagram, please go there and leave postive comments and show him the attacking and negative hate is wrong. We also opted to reword a few of the words in this article. The article Soompi used originally used the term “fans” for those leaving the questioning/negative comments, but every other article we can find used the term netizens, meaning anyone or other people…so we opted to use that here, as we know fans wouldn’t attack or judge Seungri for something like this. So for full disclosure, the above article has been slightly altered by us with noun substitution & we added in the last sentence. Thank you.