HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHOI SEUNGHYUN!!!!: 10 Moments of Our Dancing King! (181104)

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We are in November now and that finally means it’s time to celebrate the baby of Big Bang’s birthday! No…I don’t mean the maknae, but instead the actual baby, as deemed by the other members. Mr. T.O.P. himself…Choi Seung Hyun! HAPPY 31ST BIRTHDAY SEUNGHYUN! Our baby, our hyung, our artistic soul and most of all, out AMAZING DANCE MACHINE! Even though he is away fulfilling his military duty, and dealing with a lot of things going on within the last year… we wanted to make sure to enjoy today and hopefully bring smiles to the faces of everyone in a way that ONLY the Bingu himself can… with DANCING! So below, is 10 moments of T.O.P.. doing what he does best… his BINGU DANCING!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIG MAN T.O.P! May you continue to have many more and always stay with BIG BANG & us V.I.P! We can’t wait for you to return to us!

1. His “fight” dancing with Kwang Hee on “Infinity Challenge” (Dec.2016): Proof that you don’t challenge T.O.P to a dance off unless you’re ready for a fight…Hahahaha! Dancing to GD&Taeyang’s “Goood Boy”, T.O.P lays down the law and winds up pinning Kwang Hee in the corner before he calls defeat. GO T.O.P!

2. T.O.P Performing a full out “Abracadabra” Performance on “Weekly Idol” (Jan. 2017): This has to be one of T.O.P’s funniest dances ever! Watching him embrace the choreography of Brown Eyed Girls’ “Abracadabra”, almost to the point of not being fit for T.V., and then everyone’s reaction…make this CLASSIC and MEMORABLE T.O.P…We’re still trying to figure out what was going through Seungri’s mind when this was all going on…

3. Big Bang showing their moves on “GO SHOW”(2012): If you go to about 1 minute into this clip you can see the amazing spontaneity and improvisation that T.O.P has when dancing and on ait. He can make everyone laugh, smile and completely enjoy themselves when he decides to bust a move!

4. The creation of Bingu T.O.P on air with Daesung on “Family Outing” (2008): You have to go to about 8:40 in this clip from “Family Outing” to find the juicy dance moments, but here is the original moment where the name and term “Bingu T.O.P” became a thing and our lovely dancer showed us his great moves for the first time ever. You can see him getting egged on by the other hosts and Daesung peaking out to watch from the back. It was a great moment and led to more amazing dancing and funny moments for years to come!

5. T.O.P & all of Big Bang dancing for “La La La” performances (August 2006): While this is a dance and video that focuses on all 5 of the members, we thought it was important to include this as it was one of the few times that T.O.P and Big Bang did a full choreography for their music. We know that Big Bang does not need to dance to fill up a stage and perform, but watching T.O.P dance in sync and keep up with the members is impressive in its own right, because anyone who has ever watched the documentary or seen him talking about dancing know that it does not come easy to him.

6. GD&TOP “Zutter/쩔어” Dance practice (August 2015): This dance shows T.O.P in his element! Watching him wiggle, shake, shimmy and just dance around for this practice video is so much fun not just for us to watch, but appears to be great fun for him as well! Only T.O.P could pull out moves like this and connect the different actions together to make a full dance the way he does. SHAKE IT T.O.P!

7. Big Bang performing “Do You Love Me” in concert (2014): This wasn’t the first time that YG artists had traded songs and choreography in concert, but watching T.O.P pull off Park Bom’s part in “2NE1’s “I Love You” never gets old! From the butt grabs to the high notes and shimmies, it is all classic now. We certainly hope that in the future T.O.P might consider do more of this again as it always brightens our day and Big Bang looked like that were having a lot of fun with it…especially T.O.P who in some versions of the performance made it a point to grab the other members bottoms, while in others (like the one here) made sure to get out of the way before the others ‘attacked’. Hahahaha! With Big Bang and T.O.P we know it is always all in good fun 🙂

8. T.O.P mastering his own Moonwalk (October 2015): During the “M.A.D.E. World Tour” that Big had in multiple countries, there were moments where T.O.P would start doing an improvisational dance to background music the band provided. This was around the time that he showed everyone that he had mastered his own version of the famous dance move “the moonwalk” (he had done it previously too, but he started using it a lot more during this time). you can see just how happy and full of pride he is to show it to fans in the clip below. This particular clip was from their stop in Macau.

9. T.O.P’s Improvisation dance during “FANTASTIC BABY” music cut (2012): If you remember way back to 2012, when Big Bang released their mega hit “FANTASTIC BABY”, there are moments where there is a small musical interlude/cut. Each member at live performance would have the chance to show off their own moves during this section. Here is a clip of T.O.P dancing, then being pushed to show off in the middle by GD. Watch as he busts out the moves before busting out the “BOOM SHAKALAKA!”

10. Random Dance Montage from over the years…: There is just too much of T.O.P’s random dance moments to try and put them info 10 specific clips, plus he is known for just randomly breaking out into dance at fan meets and talk moments at concerts too…so we found this little gem (below) which has a bunch of his dance moments all put together to end this amazing list. Make sure to watch and enjoy it all!


Once again thank you all for joining us to celebrate T.O.P’s birthday! Please feel free to leave a comment and help celebrate and spread the love we all have and how much we all miss our eldest baby hyung! Please note that none of the Youtube clips we used are ours and belong to their respective owners and uploaders. We are simply embedding and sharing them with others to celebrate T.O.P’s birthday. We claim no rights or ownership. Thank you!