Big Bang T.O.P’s fans from 4 countries donate 11m won

Posted November 6, 2018 by

Big Bang bandmate T.O.P’s fans from South Korea, China, Japan and Thailand collaborated to donate 11 million won ($9,900) to the Yongsan Public Welfare Foundation to help those less fortunate.

The donation marks the K-pop star’s birthday on Sunday.

T.O.P is currently serving his alternative military duty at the Yongsan Crafts Museum in Itaewon, central Seoul, after he was pulled from his previous position with the conscripted police force for failing a drug test.

T.O.P was originally to be discharged from duty on Thursday, but after the failed drug test the date was pushed back to June 2019.

Source: The Jakarta Post

NOTE: While this article doesn’t state it, T.O.P was moved from his conscripted police officer status after his overdose and hospitalization from depression/anxiety related troubles. He was placed at the craft museum so he could serve while also receiving outpatient support and help.