T.O.P’s Instagram Story Update (181021)

Posted October 21, 2018 by

It appears that T.O.P updated his Instagram story, before deleting it a few minutes later. While enlisted, T.O.P can appear on the Instagram updates of others during his free time, public moments and vacations (etc.), but as far as we know, while enlisted he is not allowed to update any of his own public accounts or social media unless on full break/vacation (as Taeyang has previously done). We just wanted to share this as it seems to show us how much better T.O.P is doing and that he seems to be happier and well, which is all we could have hoped for. A happier, physically and mentally healthy T.O.P.

Some of T.O.P’s art friends have also shared voice and picture pieces of him over the last few months. A compilation is below (thanks to @TOPs_Fools).

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