Seungri Reportedly Dating A Non-Celebrity, YG Responds

Posted June 15, 2018 by

Note: We are sharing the current article as it is from a trusted news source as well as contains official word from YG Entertainment. As nothing has been confirmed and it is Seungri’s personal life, it is not something for us to push into, question, nor is it our business to know more than is officially released. We will update only if/when official notice comes from YGE or Seungri himself regarding the news. Thank you.

BIG BANG’s Seungri has been reported to be in a relationship.

On June 15, a broadcast source stated, “BIG BANG’s Seungri is currently dating a non-celebrity.” The source continued, “It’s been openly known amongst broadcast sources.”

According to the source, the non-celebrity is a female office worker who is known to be just as pretty as a female celebrity.

YG Entertainment responded, saying, “We are checking to see if it’s true.”

Source (1) (2) via @soompi