Daesung Promoted To Assistant Instructor In His Army Division

Posted June 15, 2018 by

BIG BANG’s Daesung has been promoted to an assistant instructor in his military division!

According to a source from the personnel department of the 27th Division recruit training center, Daesung was promoted to an assistant instructor on June 15. They went on to explain that Daesung had personally applied for the position and explained, “Assistant instructors are not designated by the division, they receive applications. Daesung applied and was interviewed before being offered the position.”

The source continued to explain that an applicant’s behavior and attitude while fulfilling his day to day duties plays a significant part in the selection process. They stated, “He is in good physical condition, and his training scores are excellent. That is why he was selected.”

Daesung enlisted on March 13 and received five months of training before being assigned to his station. He is set to be discharged in December 2019.

Source (1) via @soompi


While this seem very likely, without confirmation from YG, we should also be aware things can be false.