Vents Magazine: Innovative artist concept K-391 releases debut single, “Ignite” featuring Alan Walker, Julie Bergan and Seungri

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With the release of debut single “Ignite”, K-391 is ready to unleash its music on the world. ‘Ignite’ is now available on all digital sales platforms and streaming services:

Listen to the single and watch the music video here:

The cutting-edge artist concept K-391 lets you escape reality through music, by conceptualizing your musical getaway. Instead of an actual person or group of people, K-391 is an innovative headset that is the living embodiment of its creator, functioning as a portal to another reality. Through sweeping soundscapes and genre-bending compositions, K-391’s musical universe is the soundtrack to engaging narratives told through visual content across multiple platforms. With more than one million followers online and having recently surpassed 200 million audio and video streams, K-391 is a force to be reckoned with even before his commercial debut.

Building up to the release of Ignite, the creator of K-391 released a prologue to present the backstory and inspiration behind K-391, which is available here.

“Ignite” is released worldwide via the newly-established EDM label Liquid State, a joint venture between global juggernauts Tencent Music Entertainment and Sony Music Entertainment. The single features three of the most exciting and promising artists on the current music scene:

Seungri: The multi-talented singer, songwriter and entrepreneur from South Korea is best known as one of the members of the insanely popular boy band Big Bang, who can account for an unprecedented stack of 18 number 1 singles in their home country. Seungri is also a global collaborator and ambassador for Liquid State, with his debut solo album set for release in the fall of 2018.

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Source: Vent Magazine