Daesung Briefly Hospitalized for Laryngitis @ Military Camp

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This appears to be news that was reported after the fact, and Daesung is now out of the hospital and is well again.

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Original Article:

Daesung was recently hospitalized during his military service.

On May 23, a news outlet reported that the BIG BANG member was recently hospitalized at the Chuncheon Army Hospital.

In response, the hospital commented, “It is true that he was hospitalized. He has been discharged from the hospital now.”

The hospital did not reveal the cause as it is personal information.

Daesung began his mandatory military service on March 13 at the training center of the 27th Infantry Division. After completing training, he has been serving as an active duty soldier.

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Updated May 23 KST:

YG Entertainment has responded to earlier reports of Daesung being hospitalized.

On May 23, a source from the agency commented, “BIG BANG’s Daesung was recently hospitalized at the Army Hospital due to laryngitis. He was discharged after two days and has returned to his base.”

The source continued, “It is not to the extent to be deeply concerned about, and his condition is currently improving.”

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