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Seungri, From ‘I Live Alone→Ugly Duckling→Let’s Eat Dinner Together’, Trust and Watch the ‘Entertainment God’

BIG BANG’s Seungri presented big laughter in ‘Let’s Eat Dinner Together’, establishing himself as an ‘entertainment god’ regardless of what program he makes appearance in.

On JTBC’s ‘Let’s Eat Dinner Together’ aired on April 18, BIG BANG’s Seungri made appearance as a meal mate, and successfully had a meal at Vladivostok, Russia.

Seungri fascinated Lee Kyung-kyu and Kang Hodong with his knowledge on Russia learned in 30 minutes. He displayed his aspects as a CEO by stating “I came for a market research since I heard the Russian market is huge”, and laid out his simple Russian skills and Russia’s representative foods, proving himself as a ‘prepared guest’.

Seungri approached and communicated with the locals without hesitation, and created a merry mood whoever he met. The MCs were surprised at Seungri’s sociability, and Seungri responded by stating, “I’m confident in my viability”. He even hosted the show with his witty talk skills when he met the association of Korean residents, capturing the hearts of Lee Kyung-kyu and Kang Hodong.

Although he stated, “I’ve never introduced myself this much in 13 years after debut”, he did not lose his composure and kept on challenging for the meal, leaving a great impression. He rang doorbells without hesitation, while his ‘crazy sociability’ without being embarrassed and ‘host disease’ which he tries to become the MC everywhere became Seungri’s biggest weapon. Therefore, Seungri was able to successfully complete a meal in Russia.

Seungri’s variety senses, which surprised even Lee Kyung-kyu and Kang Hodong who are variety MCs has been receiving love from viewers early on. Seungri’s successful appearances in variety programs started rising early on this year. The most popular appearance he made was on MBC’s ‘I Live Alone’ 5-year anniversary special. Seungri received positive reviews by revealing his aspects as a member of BIG BANG, CEO of a ramen franchise, and as a human being.

On MBC’s ‘Radio Star’, Seungri presented laughter for the viewers by becoming a harsh ‘entertainment teacher’ for members of Wanna One. It was the same on JTBC’s ‘Knowing Bros’. As he made appearance in the show for BIG BANG’s brother group iKON, he carried the program with his extraordinary variety senses. His aspect as a ‘variety teacher’ for the juniors giving out ‘know-how’ was another entertaining point for the viewers to watch.

Not only his chemistry with juniors, but his chemistry with seniors was also perfect. He was invited as the youngest special MC on SBS’ ‘The Ugly Duckling’, presenting laughter with his talk with the ‘movengers’. He also showed great chemistry with Lee Kyung-kyu and Kang Hodong on ‘Let’s Eat Dinner Together’, filling up the program.

Seungri’s extraordinary variety senses which works where ever and whoever he works with, became the reason why Seungri is the most sought-out guest in all variety programs regardless of broadcasting channels. People are wondering if Seungri will successfully use this momentum to make 2018 ‘Seungri’s year’.

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Trust and Watch ‘The Great Seungtsby’…The Entertainment Cheat Key

‘Fun’ is guaranteed when he makes appearance. Seungri, known as ‘The Great Seungtsby’, is now an entertainment cheat key.

JTBC’s ‘Let’s Eat Dinner Together’ aired on the 18th was the 2nd episode of the overseas Korean special. BIG BANG’s Seungri appeared as a meal mate on the according episode, looking for a meal in Vladivostok, Russia along with Lee Kyung-kyu and Kang Hodong.

Seungri was extraordinary as soon as he made appearance in the program. He displayed his unique merriness and audacity while gathering attention with his fluent Russian skills. However, it turned out that it hasn’t been long since Seungri started studying Russian, which surprised the viewers. He gave laughter to the viewers by stating, “I came out for a market research”, revealing his aspiration of business expansion in Vladivostok as a big player in the food & beverages industry.

Later, Seungri brought out laughter with his unique friendliness. He received a photo request from a female fan, but it turned out that she recognized Kang Hodong instead of Seungri. He was embarrassed at first, but later appealed himself while singing BIG BANG’s ‘BANG BANG BANG’, explaining that he is a “famous singer”. Seungri was extraordinary in communicating with the locals. He continued communicating with the locals without a hitch, although he learned Russian intensively in short term. Lee Kyung-kyu was surprised and stated, “Seungri is not shy at all”, and Seungri responded “I believe in my viability”, displaying confidence.

As he successfully completed a meal in Russia which seemed impossible, Seungri is showing his aspects as an entertainment cheat key in every variety program he is making appearance in, including the show ‘Let’s Eat Dinner Together’. On MBC’s ‘Radio Star’ which he made appearance in along with the popular idol-group Wanna One, he led the mood with his honest talk skills which even surprised the MCs.

That was not all. On MBC’s ‘I Live Alone’, he solidified his image as ‘Seungtsby’ by displaying his ambitions and abilities as a businessman, and presented laughter on JTBC’s ‘Knowing Bros’ by making the statement, “I don’t do drugs”. On ‘The Ugly Duckling’ by SBS, he even captured the hearts of mothers. He grabbed attention by revealing his extraordinary business ability and sociability to the mothers. After showing his charms and charisma as a member of the best idol-group BIG BANG, Seungri has now established himself as the entertainment cheat key. People are looking forward to what kind of fun and laughter he will present to the public in the future.

Source: Sports Choseon via YG Life