HAPPY BIRTHDAY KANG DAESUNG!: Fun Facts You May Have Not Known About D-Lite!

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This year, to celebrate Daesung’s birthday, we thought here at BBU that we would give some insights on fun facts and information you may have not previously known about our smiling angel boy! Below are some little bits that we thought interesting and informative…but maybe you didn’t know about. Please join us in celebrating Daesung’s birthday and leave a comment or additional fact below to keep the celebration going!

Happy 29th (30th Korean) birthday Daesung!



1. Daesung treats his body like a temple, being very careful what he puts into it. he also has expressed a few times that he isn’t a big bread eater and does not really enjoy fried food. (Watch 7:20-7:55 in the clip below).



2. Daesung’s first solo advertisement/goods promotion was for “Big Hit Chicken” after he sang and performed hit trot song “It’s a Big Hit/대박이야”. You can see one of the CFs for it below.



3. Daesung is actually a devoted Christian and regularly attends weekly services whenever he can. He however, does not talk about it much publicly and does not push others to listen to or follow his belief or allow it to control his career & music. After his 2011 car accident, he went and spent time at his church and with the congregation there and commented that he felt they understood him and prayed to figure out what to do and how to continue. He also spoke with the other Big Bang members and G-Dragon and other visited him while he was staying at the church (he volunteered to help build a new area and fix up the current building).



4. Daesung is known for having many famous friends outside of YG Entertainment. Such as Lee Hyori, Kim JongKook, Yoo JaeSook, Jung Yonghwa, the members of SNSD & KARA, SHINee’s Onew, Taemin & Jonghyun, plus many more! (See below for some photos of him with friends).



5. in 2008, Daesung played the role of Rum Tum Tiger in the Korean adaption of the Broadway music “CATS!”. (See below for the clip of him performing). He later went on to star in other musicals and specials thanks to his talented performance ability.

(Watch start to 2:10 in video above)



6. Daesung has an older sister (Kang BoRa) who was previously a full time service member in the military and currently lives in Hawaii with her 2 sons, Daesung’s nephews. He visited them when he was in Honolulu for his Japanese concerts.



7. Daesung always wanted to be a musician (though also thought about being a priest or professional sports player) or do something connected to music. He became interested in it during elementary school, but could not say anything to his parents as they were against that type of job/career (he had a teacher in school that pushed him to go to vocal academy and the vocal teacher pushed him to audition for YG). Daesung’s uncle had worked to be a professional singer and unfortunately not succeeded, so they didn’t want Daesung following this path, worrying he would fail/not be able to survive. Eventually they came around though as they saw his passion, success and listened to his reasoning.



8. Daesung suffered from throat issues since early in his career, such as vocal cord nodules. This is why a lot of time he will talk about his voice/throat condition when asked about how he is on a particular day or when talking about how he thought a concert went. During his early days singers Gummy and Wheesung helped him to train and learn new techniques so that he could work around the issues and to strengthen the muscles and vocal cords in his throat and upper body.



9. While it is not very noticeable or obvious, Daesung does have slight bow legs. Bow legged is when a person’s legs appear to bow out, meaning their knees stay apart even when their ankles are together. Daesung’s is very minor, but depending on what he is wearing and the angle a camera is at, it can be seen at time.

10. When Daesung gets into a hobby/pass time he gets into it deeply. Originally it was singing as a hobby, then it was Doraemon, then drumming and now, tied with drumming, Daesung is into putting together Legos. Daesung becomes very involved and goes very in depth when he becomes interested in something (and even when he moved on to another hobby/interest, he continues to follow past interests still).

We hope you enjoyed these 10 fun facts about Daesung and learned something new today, celebrating his birthday!

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