5 Weeks After Release “FLOWER ROAD” Still Lands on South Korea’s Biggest Charts

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It has been 5 weeks since the release of Big Bang’s song to the fans, “FLOWER ROAD”. This song was released the same day as member Daesung’s enlistment, March 13th, 2017. Upon its release, it immediately jumped to the top of the charts around the world, while the smooth beat and powerful lyrics touched the heats of not only fans, but of the public too.

This final song before enlistment from Big Bang was not promoted. There was no MV, no advertisements from their agency, YG Entertainment, no publicity, fan signs, physical release (it was digital only) or any other work done for the single’s drop. Big Bang literally just released it after an announcement they would, and left it at that.

The song continued to rule over charts for the first few weeks after release. Since then many new and popular groups have release singles, MVs, done promotions and so on, yet Big Bang’s single still holds true. It is now 5 weeks after the release of the single with no promotions and today (April 21st) as of 9pm KST, it is #5 on the overall rankings chart “INSTIZ” and within the top 10 of every major music chart in South Korea. This shows not only Big Bang’s popularity, but their staying power among the public even when on hiatus.


9pm chart ranking:

Article by @VIP4Daesung

This is a charting of Big Bang’s “FLOWER ROAD” as of 8pm. Showing that they are still going up in the charts rather than only down as the song gets older & heard more:

Chart sourcing: Instiz.net
Screenshots & article by @VIP4Daesung