Seungri News Updates: Talk @ Blue Spring Youth Festival + Love Only MV & OST Release

Posted February 14, 2018 by

Seungri to share his survival strategy at Blue Spring Youth Festival

It was announced more than a week ago that Seungri will be attending the Blue Spring Festival happening on May 12 and 13. New information came out today that Seungri will be doing a lecture/talk about his own survival strategy from being an aspiring idol to debuting as a BIGBANG member. He will also be reportedly sharing his failures and successes as the owner of Aori F&B and managing a DJ label.

The Blue Spring Youth festival will be held at Nanji Han River Park and the confirmed lineup includes Kim Sunmin, Yoo Byungjae, Noh Hongchul, Hong Myungsoo, Hong Yunhwa, and Kim Minki as lecturers, followed by other performances.

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Source: Naver via @GottaTalk2V1212

Seungri stars in a Chinese movie + OST

Seungri will be attending an event for his new movie “Love Only” at Club Cubic in Macau today (Feb. 14, 7pm) where he will perform “Fade” from the movie’s OST live for the first time.

It was just announced that the music video and OST will also be released today through various music portals (QQ Music, KUGOU, KUWO, etc.) simultaneously with the press conference. “Faded” is a hit song by Norweigan DJ Alan Walker and Seungri recorded the Chinese version specifically for the movie.

In addition, it was reported that the entrance fees to the event will be donated to a charitable cause in full.

Source: Naver via @GottaTalk2V1212