Seungri on his solo activities: “It can feel so lonely and I am scared” [VIDEO]

Posted February 14, 2018 by

Seungri’s English interview during the launch of new music label Liquid State:

Transcript (Edited):

Actually, I’m preparing for my solo album. It’s really hard to make it because I really want to make good music for my fans. I keep trying for my solo album.

I’m planning a DJ tour with my crew. I might start a DJ tour in the US, of course, including Canada, Australia, China, Japan and the whole Asia.

I don’t really like doing things on my own. The members are going to the army this year and actually, I’d like to wait for my members. I like my team. I like doing BIGBANG and I actually don’t really like doing solo (activities) because it can feel so lonely and I’m scared, but I want to try to get my music career into the next level.

I want to make other people’s dreams come true. I want to be a dream-maker. That’s why I’m helping my DJs and planning the DJ tour. Of course, I do DJ, but I sing and dance. It’s like a show. I don’t really like being “yeah, I’m good at spinning.” I like dancing and singing together with the audience.

Source: Youtube via @GottaTalk2V1212