G-Dragon’s “MOTTE in Japan” #1 on Oricon’s DVD Chart

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G-DRAGON Takes No. 1 Spot in Japan’s Oricon Chart with Solo Dome Tour DVD

The ‘G-DRAGON 2017 WORLD TOUR IN JAPAN’ LIVE DVD & Blu-ray released on the 7th ranked no. 1 on Oricon’s Daily DVD Comprehensive Chart, and no. 2 in Blu-ray Comprehensive Chart from the date of its release.

G-Dragon released his solo album ‘KWON JI YONG’ last year, and started a large-scale world tour. Starting with the concert at Sangam World-Cup Stadium located in Seoul, he gathered 654,000 audiences in Asia, North America, Oceania, Europe, and 3 cities in Japan, summing up to a total of 36 concerts in 29 cities. The unprecedented large-scale tour for a solo artist became a hot topic.

This DVD contains the Japan Tour Final (22 songs, 132 minutes) which was held in Tokyo Dome, which was part of the 3-city dome tour in Japan. It covers G-Dragon’s fantastic performance that captured the eyes and ears of audiences all over the world, and a collaboration stage with SEUNGRI, who made a guest appearance at the Japan Tour Final. It also includes a tour documentary (33 minutes) that covers G-Dragon’s agonies and thoughts, filmed while closely observing G-Dragon during the tour.

In the deluxe edition which has a shape of a 200P special photobook in the size of an LP, there are bonus clips that add up to a total of 82 minutes, including ‘SPECIAL FEATURES’ from each concert, ‘COLLECTION OF BEST MOMENTS’ which are 5 songs specially edited with live footage, and ‘SPECIAL CAM’ that contains 5 songs which can be enjoyed in 3 different camera angles – tight, middle, and loose. It will also include 2 live CDs which is consisted of a total of 22 songs, indicating ultra luxury content.

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