G-Dragon Brand Collab Updates: IBK’s GD Card, The Floral Pathway Gift Box & Jeju GD Tour

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Full photo of the “GD Card” by IBK:

As shared previously, the card’s design is inspired by all-access concert IDs/tags. It features G-Dragon’s signature daisy + smile design that often appears on his Instagram. According to press release, the bottom parts were left blank so customers can freely write their info, giving the impression that they took part in the card’s design together with G-Dragon.

(Requirements and perks of the GD debit card »)

Source: Naver

These are updates from WhatsMode’s WeChat. UNWRAPP in partnership/by Whatsmode seems to be the official distributor/store that will be selling the gift box we posted about and it will apparently be offering a “GD Tour” package.

“UNWRAPP is planning to arrange a Jeju Island tour called GD TOUR. It will be limited to 818 visitors only. The itinerary will be a list of places that G-Dragon frequently visits in Jeju including his new cafe Untitled, 2017.”

[Text written by G-Dragon on photo: I want to live a beautiful life like a floral path/flower road. We’ll meet again when the flowers bloom. THANK YOU.]

They haven’t released any information about the contents of the gift box and how/where to buy it, but they posted an announcement about a “naming activity”:

“Chinese Naming activity for “The Floral Pathway”. The gift box that G-Dragon specially curated comes with an English and Korean name. Let’s come up with a Chinese name to give CVIPs a chance to show their love for G-Dragon. The Floral Pathway’s Korean name is 꽃길 which means Flower Road, it also signifies a road to happiness. As a gift to fans before his enlistment, G-Dragon drew the flowers on the gift box to represent his heartfelt emotions, hoping his fans can stroll on the floral pathway (hang in there on a road of happiness) while waiting for him to be back.”

Source: iamkwonjiyong