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Rocking it out at Taeyang’s White Night in Singapore

VIPs (the official name for BIGBANG fans) in Singapore sure are a blessed bunch. Four months after the group’s leader, G-Dragon, 29, blazed through Singapore with a two-day solo concert, fellow member Taeyang, 29, landed on our little red dot for his White Night concert tour.

Though the sound check party before the show had run into some minor problems, (Ed’s note: The singer shared that he was late to the sound check as he had gotten stuck in an elevator for 20 minutes), Taeyang more than made up for it as he got up-close and personal with his fans while performing hits like ‘I Need A Girl’ live. VIPs who lingered around after the sound check party ended got a special treat as well – the 29-year-old returned on stage five minutes after making his exit to perform ‘1AM’, as there were some issues with his earpiece that he had to iron out with the staff. Talk about being a perfectionist!

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BIGBANG’s Taeyang showed his versatility as an artist at his White Night World Tour in Singapore!

Singapore, 2017 – On 27th October, the soulful member of BIGBANG, Taeyang came to Singapore as part of his White Night World Tour. Taeyang showed his versatility as a performer as he did everything you could have asked for – dance, sing and even play the piano!

Opening the concert with Ringa Linga, he made sure the audience are hyped for an amazing concert ahead. So early into the concert, he had all the fans up and jumping, enjoying themselves.

Not only did he perform upbeat songs, he also showed how versatile he is as an artist by singing slow songs as well. He even showed off his piano skills during the Last Dance performance. It definitely had all the fans swooning as he performed the song so charmingly.

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6 Things You Missed At Taeyang’s White Night Concert In Singapore

We’ve attended numerous K-pop concerts, but we gotta admit that when it comes to musical performance, few are on par with BIGBANG. And BIGBANG’s Taeyang, who had a solo concert as part of his White Night world tour last night, demonstrated this.

The 29-year-old performed to a legion of screaming fans at the Star Vista last night. Although tickets were only on sale weeks before the show, he drew an impressive number of V.I.Ps (BIGBANG fans). Here are the highlights of the show.

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Taeyang in Singapore: Charm and sweat but the shirt stayed on

Seats are soon forgotten when you have Korean mega star Taeyang right in front of you.

Despite having front row seats, fans in the front half of the Star Theatre were on their feet and down by the stage almost throughout the two-hour White Night concert, on Friday (Oct 27).

Nice for those down at the front but this reporter, along with other concert-goers at the back who had taken to sitting, ended up only peering through the shoulders’ of those at the front to get a glimpse of Taeyang.

Still, the 29-year-old BIGBANG star controlled the stage with an overwhelming confidence.

He knew how to charm his female fans’ hearts and even got a handful of male fans shouting, “I love you Dong Young Bae!” (That’s his real name).

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