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White Night in San Jose:

Following the successful concert tours of fellow YG artists G-Dragon and CL, Taeyang followed suit with his 2017 World Tour called WHITE NIGHT to support his latest album release. On September 10, 2017, Taeyang met a sold-out audience at City National Civic Center in San Jose, CA. This was Taeyang first visit to San Jose, but his overall second visit to the San Francisco Bay Area. His first visit was back in 2013 for the MTV Iggy Music Experiment, where fans entered contests to win tickets for a private show (check out Tessa V’s Fan Report here). This time around, Taeyang returned with a larger venue, so more of his Bay Area fans can get an opportunity to watch him perform. With a live band and troop of energetic dancers, Taeyang slayed his diehard VIPs with his signature soulful vocals and dance movements, so fluid that Michael Jackson would be inspired.

The WHITE NIGHT theme took many forms and interpretations. From images of the popstar engulfed in various elemental environments to the more risque and sensual images of moonlight reflecting off a female body, the WHITE NIGHT concept projected an eclectic yet mature perception of Taeyang that compliments his artistry and well-known image as an R&B crooner. This allowed him to cater to an audience that has matured and diversified as his music progresses in both sound and subject matter.

Despite a few hiccups at the beginning of the night such as a late start time due to technical difficulties and butter fingers with his mic, these flubs did little to deter the seasoned professional from delivering a stellar performance. His vocal runs were as intricate and layered as his perfectly choreographed routines. The electric setlist kicked off with fan favorite “Ringa Linga”, followed by classics such as “Superstar,” “Only Look At Me”, “Wedding Dress”, and “I Need A Girl”. Taeyang also tapped into his Rise album with “1 AM” and “Love You to Death” and performed his entire WHITE NIGHT album. The show had an extended encore with “Body”, his songs that featured G-Dragon such as “Good Boy” and “Stay With Me”, and BIGBANG’s smash singles “Bang Bang Bang” and “Fantastic Baby”. The show ended with his iconic ballad “Eyes, Nose, Lips”

Highlights from the show included his fanservice (which was entirely in English), which was followed immediately by an epic chorus of applause and cheers. His questions to the crowd consisted of various topics such as our satisfaction with his latest studio release, the ever popular, “Are ya’ll having a good time tonight?”, and whether or not we miss BIGBANG, which received a resounding “YES!”. Gifts were presented to him including a flower crown and giant, daisy fidget spinner that he excitedly spun. Lastly, he made Bay Area residents proud by donning a Golden State Warriors jersey. All gifts were, however, thrown back to the crowd. The singer himself mentioned his amazement at the level of support received from fans for so long, from so far.

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White Night in Los Angeles:

Outside the Wiltern Theatre, a line stretched around the block with Taeyang fans eagerly awaiting entry. As people filled into every pocket of space on the GA floor, an announcer echoed that the show would start momentarily, easing the apprehension of the late start. As the lights dimmed, the hollers of approval grew louder as beautiful visuals of thunder, clouds, and rain images accompanied the instrumental soundtrack of Taeyang’s White Night single “Wake Me Up”. As the sun burst on the screen, the anointed “sun” of K-POP took the stage front and center.

“How y’all feeling tonight, y’all ready?” Taeyang swaggered down the platform stairs draped in all-white. From his frosted tips, to the platinum chain and down to the snow-white sneakers, Taeyang shimmered and shined. The collective roar of the crowd quickly fell into song as Taeyang initiated a call-and-response riff.

The opening chords to “Ringa Linga” had everyone bouncing and mimicking the famous choreography along with Taeyang and his dancers. The first 3 songs melded seamlessly as Taeyang transitioned from “Ringa Linga”, to the Prince-esque slow jam “Body”, featuring seductive dancers and a quick-teasing floor routine that only Taeyang could deliver. The band kept the melodies flowing as they merged into the intro of the anthemic track “Superstar” from his debut album Solar.

Taeyang’s vocals came alive when he launched into “Wake Me Up”, a track that doesn’t lose an ounce of its ephemeral, dream like seduction in a live setting. As Taeyang sang “Don’t Wake Me Up”, and the solar flare burst in time with the beat drop, the collective chills hit the audience in waves.

“Only Look At Me” was stripped down to simple lighting and acoustics, while Taeyang and the audience traded lyrics back and forth. The arguably all-time favorite “Wedding Dress” brought back all the nostalgia of the golden age of K-POP boom. Taeyang kept the delivery simple but powerful, executing his signature vocals and moves with such polish and effortlessness, it’s no wonder he is crowned the prince of K-POP.

“Did you miss me?” Taeyang asked the audience, as he took his 1st official break to chat between the set. “What did you guys think of my new album? Was it alright?” As he spoke, I wondered if this humble man was the same bold and powerful showman we all just witnessed slaying the stage for an hour?

“Personally, out of all the albums, I had the most fun making this one”, Taeyang proclaimed proudly. The fun certainly shows in the live renditions, as Taeyang channeled classic 90’s, club and R&B vibes with his White Night tracks “Amazing”, “Naked”, “Ride” and “Tonight”. Taeyang sprinkled in some more tracks from his 2nd album Rise, including the effervescent “1am” and moody “Love You To Death”.

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White Night: with Taeyang, the Sun Never Sets

Despite technical difficulties and a minor injury, Taeyang proved himself to be a true veteran performer as he put on a captivating concert and finished the show off with an explosion of energy at City National Civic.

For his second world tour White Night, Taeyang expanded beyond Asia and included a North American leg, comprised of nine shows in eight cities. Nearing the end of his North American tour, Taeyang performed at City National Civic in San Jose, an intimate venue compared to the enormous stadiums the superstar typically performs at in Asia. Due to electrical complications and technical difficulties, Taeyang began his soundcheck late which in turn, pushed back the rest of the show about 30 minutes. Despite the delay, the crowd’s excitement was palpable as the venue filled up with many attendees dressed in all white and even some in wedding dresses, in reference to the singer’s hit song “Wedding Dress.”

As the lights began to dim and music played, the crowd frantically waved their BIGBANG crown light sticks and erupted in cheers when the stage screen split apart to reveal Taeyang. Kicking off the show with upbeat dance tracks “Ringa Linga” and “Body,” he energized the audience who have been waiting hours for him. He moved into “Wake Me Up,” a new song from his latest album White Night which focuses more on his smooth vocals accompanied by hazy synths.

Then jumping back in his discography, Taeyang performed his first solo track “Look Only At Me,” setting off the crowd in screams and igniting a wave of nostalgia. Unfortunately during the performance, Taeyang was hit by his microphone and had a nosebleed. Unfazed, Taeyang kept performing as if nothing had happened, despite the noticeable trickle of blood on his upper lip. Although he attempted to reassure attendees that he was fine, it seemed that for the rest of the show, he took longer breaks between songs while the crew mopped the stage. With how confidently and energetically he continued to perform, one wouldn’t have guessed that he just sustained a facial injury and might possibly be minorly bleeding throughout the rest of the concert. Having debuted 11 years ago, Taeyang’s experience definitely showed as he masterfully pushed forward and put on a memorable show.

Titled after Taeyang’s latest album White Night, the tour focused more on showcasing the latest the singer has to offer. With this release, Taeyang explored a more mature sound that featured smoother melodies, rather than dance tracks. When singing “Naked,” the crowd chanted the addictive chorus “I want you naked,” which echoed throughout the venue. Grooving along to the chill track “Ride,” Taeyang felt right at home on stage, just naturally moving along to the music.

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Taeyang Brings a White Night to Dallas

As the sun set, the night became absolutely electrifying. Fans couldn’t have been more excited to welcome the BIGBANG member and soloist Taeyang to their hometown of Dallas. Anticipation thickened as the clock ticked closer to the start of the concert, and just shortly after 7:30 p.m., the lights dimmed to the audience’s roar. A single light beamed down to a crown of white hair. Taeyang was ready, and so were we.

All That Glitters

The concert started out with that YG Entertainment brand of swag when Taeyang busted out his moves to “Ringa Linga,” and the crowd was hyped to that club banger of a song. The snowy-haired singer didn’t waste a single second as he proceeded to the second number, “Beautiful,” and third number, “Super Star.” “Wake Me Up” was absolutely breathtaking. Set amidst a backdrop of cascading gold glitter, Taeyang commanded everyone’s attention to him as the lighting dimmed to create a more subdued ambience. This was the first time anyone would have heard “Wake Me Up” live, and no one was about to miss it as phones went up in the air to capture every moment.

From there on, Taeyang performed every song on his latest album, White Night, but he also made sure to weave in old classics of his that his American fans have never heard live before. Fans were ecstatic to hear “I Need A Girl,” an abbreviated version of “Wedding Dress,” “Superstar,” and more among his older songs. In particular, “Love You To Death” was an emotional piece featuring Taeyang crooning into a red-ribboned mic with the wind blowing all Gone With The Wind-esque. This is a rare song that even Korean fans don’t get to listen to live often! Rise was one of Taeyang’s legendary albums, so it was an absolute dream as a fan of his music to be able to hear it live in the excellent acoustics of Bomb Factory. During intermission, Taeyang shared with fans that his happiest moment in life was meeting his fellow members and that he hopes to stand on stage with all five of them again. It was a tender moment from the singer to his fans in contrast to his taciturn image. He proceeded to pay tribute to his group BIGBANG as he sang several of the group’s songs. “Last Dance” was rendered into an acoustic version that showcased Taeyang’s signature clear tones, and during “Bang Bang Bang” and “Fantastic Baby,” he made sure to not sing over other members’ parts out of respect. As expected of Taeyang!


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Resembling a white night, Taeyang captivated his audience with elaborate vocals and a stage presence that alternates between that of a grown man and a young boy. This is Taeyang, a member of the Korean Pop group BIGBANG which has set numerous best selling records for albums and concerts globally.

His unique R&B voice is easily identifiable in BIGBANG songs which are a mix of electro and pop, often known for being experimental but catchy. With a successful record of solo sings and EPs, he came to San Jose to promote his latest album, White Night.

Starting the night off with “Ringa Linga,” a hip-hop influenced high energy track that had the crowd howling, many who have been fans since his debut in 2006. The flashing red and white lights of the stage bounced off his white hair as he followed up with back to back songs “BODY,” “Superstar,” and “Wake Me Up.”

Taking a moment for a break, Taeyang impressed the crowd with his fluency in English, and talked about how everything goes back to BIGBANG, his family, and the most important people in house today, the audience. He also discussed how he had taken part in co-writing the songs in his latest album, moving more into the production and music composition scene, a departure from that of a standard Korean idol mold.

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