Daesung Talks About BIGBANG @ D-na Show in Nagasaki (170927)

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Via @susifg:

Daesung was asked today what his most fun memory w/ the members is and he talked abt that time they all went to Hawaii for work a while ago. 3 of the members had to leave early because of work but he and GD stayed 3 more days. Daesung said that, just like GD described it on IG, it was like a honeymoon. They were together the whole time, went everywhere together. Even their conversations were like a couple’s— “Wahh, this view is so nice, right?” “This is delicious, isn’t it?” “Why don’t we take a picture together?” Those were his happiest days, he said.

Another question was what he’d do if one day he suddenly woke up as Seungri. Dae said that there are many films where something like that happens, so if he knew that the change would last just one day he would definitely go back to sleep right away! He’d sleep all day, 24 hours!

Then he replied more seriously and explained that Seungri is really really busy. In BIGBANG he said GD and Seungri are the busiest members. Apparently Seungri spent one year researching and studying about ramen and going back and forth to Japan, most of the times on the same day. He said that Seungri is always in meetings, or having meetings on the phone. Daesung said that he can’t but admire him for all his hard work.

Daesung said that he doesn’t like to be that kind of busy, he needs to be able to see the world around him. So if he had to live as Seungri he’d work hard and try his best at ramen and DJ’ing, but he doesn’t think that he can do it (work hard SR style) for more than 3 years.

Daesung mentioned that Seungri has 2 ramen restaurants in Japan and 11 (he thinks) in Korea, so it’s really popular apparently, he said. Daesung also joked that “Seungri’s main job is now business while singing has become his hobby.

Another question was what kind of songs he enjoys singing the most. Daesung said that he always feels good singing trot-style songs. Daesung explained that both his parents really like trot so he grew up listening to it and his body easily gets into its mood/rhythm. That’s why he has the most fun on stage when he sings songs like Nalbwa Gwisoon or Furui Nikki, he said.

*We’ll post photos/videos from the show when available.