“D-Lite x LeTAO” Cookies & New D-na Show Merch

Posted September 11, 2017 by

D-Lite x LeTAO cheesecake cookies – 900 yen
This is a collaboration with LeTAO, a popular sweets company founded in Hokkaido. The special D-Lite cookies were made using the same method/cheese as LeTAO’s double fromage cheesecake, which is what the brand is well known for.

The cookies will be sold at Daesung’s D-na shows in Hokkaido on September 17-18 and will be available in selected LeTAO stores in Hokkaido starting September 15.

Newly announced “D-na Show” goods:

Hoodie – 6,700 yen

To-san’s Heart 2 – 3,300 yen
Warmer (you can put a hot bottle inside to keep you warm.)

Source: YGEX.jp