Taeyang x Fendi Featured in Men’s Folio Singapore

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Word Up

K-Pop idol Taeyang turns designer in this new collaboration with Fendi that’s bound to fly off the shelves.
By Ian Lee

Fendi and K-Pop star Taeyang have joined forces for a Fall/Winter 2017 capsule collection – the first of its kind – comprising jackets, T-shirts, backpacks, sneakers, and key charms. Fendi for Young Bae (as he’s also known to his fans) melds the label’s knack for fun and the artist’s taste for edgy street looks. Words like “saved”, “grace”, “faith”, “think”, “truth”, and “passion” make up the collection’s graphics, and are accompanied by playful daisy motifs that happen to represent Taeyang’s favourite flower.

His street style is also translated into versatile garments that come in black – the singer’s favourite colour – with splashes of red and white.

Some of the collection’s standout pieces are the jacket and hoodie, which feature a structured silhouette and bold, rubberized slogans. Accessories like backpacks and sneakers are given the same edgy attitude. The kicks, which are available in all-black or white, are enhanced with breathable fabric and a rubber heel patch embossed with the singer’s name.

Taeyang speaks exclusively to Men’s Folio about his capsule collection for Fendi.

What do the words “faith”, “grace”, “saved”, and “truth” mean to you?
These are the words that inspire me the most. They’re not commonly associated with the younger generation, but I think what they stand for are very important, and that’s why I chose them for the collection.

The daisy is very prominent in the collection. What is its significance?
It is one of my favourite flowers. It’s something I often draw for my fans along with my signature, so I think of it as a gift from me to them.

How is designing different from composing music?
I think that fashion is part of the visual representation of my music. I don’t think the two are very different – they go together.

What is creativity to you?
Creativity is something everyone has. It’s instinctive, it’s human nature, and it’s called inspiration.

What is your favourite item in the capsule?
The jacket.

The Fendi for Young Bae capsule collection launches in Singapore on 1 September, and will be stocked exclusively at the brand’s boutique at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands.

Credits: Men’s Folio SG via MagazineLib, @onebluemouse