Daesung Gifts Fans KitKat Bars at Japan Shows Thanks to G-Dragon?

Posted August 17, 2017 by

(Daesung during the fan sendoff at D-na Show in Fukuoka on Aug 16)

According to fan accounts, Daesung has been gifting fans with KitKat bars at his “D-na” shows in Japan. Here’s the story behind the free chocolates from his Fukuoka show yesterday:

Daesung: Did you receive the KitKat at the entrance?
VIPs: Yeeees~~ Thank youu!!
Daesung: I felt bad, it’s called D-na (dinner) Show but I prepared no dinner.
VIPs: Laugh
Daesung: That’s a complaint I got from G-Dragon-san.

G-Dragon: D-Lite!
Daesung: Hmm, yes?
G-Dragon: What do you serve at your dinner show?
Daesung: Uh it’s not that sort of dinner show.
G-Dragon: Then what sort of dinner show is it? It’s a dinner show isn’t it?
Daesung: It’s D-na show.
G-Dragon: What do you serve? What is it?

Daesung: So I have to ask you to please have dinner before coming? (Laugh) That’s what made me think that possibly some of you in the audience might expect that kind of dinner show, and so I prepared… Well not a real dinner, but I prepared KitKat with all my heart.

Daesung also talked about the difference of his “D-na” shows with his recently concluded “D-Day” dome tour:

Daesung: I held my solo dome tour this year in April and… somehow it felt insufficient. The distance to the audience is so far, the venues so big. The distance is so far that while I can see your faces, I can’t talk to you properly. At the domes, since there are 40, 50 thousand people, frankly I can’t understand anything when someone tells me something from the audience. It’s like that for me at least. I guess it’s the same for everyone though. So I just pretend to understand. Please don’t be fooled. But rather than through words, we felt connected through our hearts, didn’t we? But now this tour where we can talk to each other like this has begun. I’m really thankful from my heart. Thank you! I really want to spend a good time with you today and in the upcoming shows.

Credits: @mshinju (translation), @susifg (photo from his Chiba show), YGEXStaff (sendoff photo)