Seungri Wins Silver and Bronze at His First Jiujitsu Match

Posted July 17, 2017 by

Seungri’s Instagram update:

seungriseyo: One silver medal, one bronze medal. Too bad but it’s okay because I did my best ㅜㅜ #bonjiujitsu. Thank you to #leejungwoojj, @hamajinho, queen of Jiujitsu @hijini23 #ssabicrew #yebangteam #teamspyder!

He participated in JBJFF’s West Japan Newcomer Championship held in Osaka. He won bronze in his class and silver in the openweight class.

Seungri’s friend FT Island’s Jonghoon also shared photos from the match:

My amazing friend, first Jiujitsu match 🍾

More photos:

After the match at Seungri’s Aori Ramen restaurant in Osaka:

seungriseyo: Team Seungri, you have worked hard! Thank you for your hard work! As expected the celebration party is at #Aori’sSpritedAway
(Note: They’re posing that way because the restaurant’s name アオリの神隠し literally means Aori’s spirited away.)

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