Seungri @ Bon Jiujitsu (170726) [PHOTOS]

Posted July 27, 2017 by

Seungri at Bon Jiujitsu dojo in Seoul. This photo was posted by Kuniaki Hamajima, the president of Delariva Jiu-jitsu Japan:

(170726) I came to Korea and contacted Seungri, but he seemed very busy. Of course I know that [It’s totally okay! Don’t overwork yourself!] so I was wondering if we could meet at all? It’s not sad! That’s what I thought, but then he purposely surprised me by coming directly from Incheon Airport* to the dojo. #Sparringforoveranhour He was busy and I felt sorry about it. “Hamajima-sensei (teacher),” hugged me and I almost cried.

*He came from Gimpo Airport.

Old photos he shared recently:

(170725) After the competition, we walked around Namba. An acquaintance asked, “Is it okay to upload a picture of Seungri?” So this time before posting on Instagram, I contacted Seungri and asked for his permission. “Hamajima-sensei, it’s all okay. What Hamajima-sensei did with me isn’t a lie, so any picture is a memory and it’s okay to upload it.” #Seungri #Delariva #Jiujitsu, don’t fall for him.

Credits: @hamajinho, @jirilife