Seattle Times: How Korean Superstar G-Dragon Electrified Seattle

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Step aside Justin Bieber: How Korean superstar G-Dragon electrified Seattle

OMG! Squeeeee!

G-Dragon, one of the biggest, break-out Korean pop stars in the world, was in Seattle Tuesday night.

Did you hear? If so, you are likely a fan of the singer, songwriter and fashion icon, who last year was named Forbes’ most important Asian entertainer under 30. You probably also would know that his performance at KeyArena marked the beginning of the U.S. leg on his recently launched world tour, titled Act III: MOTTE ‘Moment of Truth The End.’

But if, by chance, you are not up on your K-Pop culture, here’s a little primer.

G-Dragon is the stage name of 28-year-old Kwon Ji-yong who rose to fame as part of boy band BIGBANG, the biggest band in Asia, which raked in more than $44 million last year. According to The Washington Post, the band’s fans make those of Justin Beiber’s look half-hearted.

And that’s evident from the tweets fans posted Tuesday night, causing #MOTTEinSeattle to trend.

The heartthrob is on to California next, where he will perform first in San Jose and then Los Angeles.

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