G-Dragon’s MOTTE Concert in San Jose (170714) [PHOTOS/VIDEOS]

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Fan photos of G-Dragon’s ACT III: M.O.T.T.E 2017 World Tour concert in San Jose:

Anecdotes and Fancams:



But I Love You:

G-Dragon kept saying he’s single and he kept teasing that he has no ring on his ring finger.

The next song is Divina Commedia. The name Divine Comedy is actually a book by Dante. You don’t have to read it though it’s really amazing. This song is about life. My life is like a movie “The Truman Show”. It’s a wonderful movie.

G-Dragon: These days sometimes I feel lonely
G-Dragon: Don’t make me lonely today *laughs*

G-Dragon: This is a personal project to me, not as GD, but as Kwon Jiyong. I was worried you might not get me, but you do:

G-Dragon: You know BIGBANG?

Show me how much you want it:

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Untitled 2014 with Fans:


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