Fendi for Youngbae Launch in Hong Kong (170727) [VIDEO/PHOTOS]

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Translation of article from HK Apple Daily:

BIGBANG member Taeyang arrived in Hong Kong today for Fendi’s event, with more than 100 fans at the venue in support. He immediately drew screams from the fans when he arrived last.

On stage, Taeyang shared how he spent 3-4 months designing this series. This being his first time as a fashion designer, he was very interested and the whole team really listened to his ideas, hence he felt very happy. Taeyang said he likes the whole series, but his favourite is the coat he was wearing. When the sample came he was very excited and couldn’t wait to put it on.

When asked what if Fendi were to invite him to collaborate on part 2 of the series, he said he will look forward to it very much, as he had a very happy time working together with Fendi, and hopes to collaborate again.

When asked when he will release his solo album, he revealed that next month he will meet everyone with a fresh image, fresh feel, and asked everyone to follow his activities closely.

Regarding his world tour, he said that while the Asian dates are yet to be confirmed, Hong Kong will definitely be one of the stops, and that Hong Kong fans would have to come for it.

Asked about the 2018 PyeongChang Olympic Games ambassador role and the song he will be composing for the games, he said because he was born in 1988, in his 30 years this is the most honourable thing he’s done and he feels very happy, and that even his parents felt very proud. As a singer, he could use his voice to cheer the athletes on.

When asked which country’s fans he loved the most, he said fans from all over the world would often appear in his mind, when he met Hong Kong fans at the previous Hong Kong concert, he felt it was the best and the happiest.

Taeyang was accompanied throughout by 6 bodyguards and was on stage for nearly 15 minutes.

Translated by @onebluemouse

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