YG Releases Statement About T.O.P & Initial Court Date Decided

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YG Entertainment’s Statement

“This is YG Entertainment.

We want to apologize to everyone who has been disappointed and hurt by the series of horrible events recently that involved TOP.

According to the hospital briefing, TOP was transferred to the emergency room of Ehwa University Mokdong Hospital on June 6 after losing consciousness at the 4th Seoul Metropolitan Agency.

We hope that TOP regains his health as soon as possible.

Us, YG, have a sense of responsibility we need to take for what happened. We fell short of everyone’s exceptions, and we will accept the fans’ reprimands with a heavy heart. We will also do our best to prevent similar problems from occurring in the future.

Once again, we would like to apologize to everyone we have worried.”

Source: Sports Donga
Translated by @OH_mes on Twitter

T.O.P’s Initial Court Date Decided

According to the Seoul Central District Court on June 7th, the first trial for TOP’s court hearing will be held on June 29th at 11:30am.

TOP is expected to attend the hearing in person.

At the the initial hearing, the prosecution will be laying out the charges against TOP. It is noted that TOP may make a public court statement in regards to apologizing for his actions.

TOP is being accused of smoking marijuana four times with female A in his home last October. TOP is suspected to have smoked four times, two times by smoking marijuana and the other two instances using liquid cannabis through e-cigarettes.

The Criminal Drugs Investigation Division of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency arrested TOP on April 25th.

In addition, female A, who is noted to have smoked marijuana with TOP, was arrested in March (for another matter unrelated to marijuana) and is currently on trial.

Source: News1 via Naver
Translated by @balloon_wanted on Twitter