T.O.P’s Condition Update: “Much Better” (170608)

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T.O.P’s Condition:

As of June 8th, 9AM KST: T.O.P is still in a state of severe lethargy at the Ewha Womans University Mokdong Hospital. The hospital released an official statement saying, “As T.O.P has not woken up as of yet, the department of neurology and the department of psychiatry have not been able to start their collaborative treatment. They will begin collaborative treatment measures as soon as he regains consciousness. There is no immediate threat to his life and we will monitor his progress over the course of a week before deciding if he will be discharged from the hospital or moved to the general ward.”

As of June 8th, 1PM KST: T.O.P’s mother says that his condition is much better today and said that she was able to make eye contact with him. According to his doctor, they will keep monitoring his condition, may go through psychiatric care based on his results.

Sources: Soompi, Naver
Translated by @OH_mes on Twitter

T.O.P recovers consciousness, able to communicate

“(His condition) has improved substantially,” the singer’s mother told reporters at Ewha Womans University Medical Center in western Seoul after visiting her son being treated in an intensive care unit.

When asked whether she made eye contact with her son, the mother answered, “Yes.”

A senior police official from T.O.P’s police squad, who accompanied the mother, said, “He recognized me. It seems he can communicate.”

Source: Yonhap News

Military Service Update

T.O.P is officially relieved of his position (i.e. he’s been removed from the police). He will return home once discharged from the hospital to await trial. It is likely that T.O.P will have to re-enlist in the military, given the current circumstances of the situation. If he does have to re-enlist, his 4 months in the military is voided, he must still serve a full 21 months.

Source: Naver
Translated by @OH_mes on Twitter