T.O.P May Be Discharged from ICU As Early As Tomorrow

Posted June 8, 2017 by

TOP, who is currently in ICU care at a hospital, may be discharged from the ICU tomorrow after regaining consciousness.

On June 8th, an official from Ehwa University Hospital in Mokdong stated that TOP has regained consciousness and is showing stable results in his vitals. It is possible that he will be able to leave the ICU as early as tomorrow.

TOP will need to meet with the mental health department for an interview with a psychiatrist. From there, it will be discussed whether TOP will stay or continue receiving treatment, or if he will leave and receive treatment at another hospital.

Earlier in the afternoon, TOP’s mom made a visit at around 12:30pm and was reported saying that his son was in a much better condition around 1:45pm.

Source: Naver
Translated by @balloon_wanted on Twitter