T.O.P Can Now Eat and Talk, Vital Signs Back to Normal

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(This article basically summarizes all the updates about T.O.P that were posted today, plus some other info related to his status in the military.)

T.O.P, who has been hospitalized due to an overdose of tranquilizers after being charged with smoking marijuana, will be leaving the intensive care unit tomorrow.

A staff member of Ewha Mokdong Hospital, where T.O.P is hospitalized, told Sports Chosun on June 8, “He has gained consciousness. His vital signs are back to normal. We think that it will be okay for him to leave the intensive care unit tomorrow. He is to get psychiatric treatment afterwards.”

The emergency team that has been taking care of T.O.P wanted him to get treated by neurologists and psychiatrists, but it was impossible since he was in an lethargic state.

The staff member said, “He can now talk and eat. His vital signs are back to normal. He will be transferred to a unit/ward for psychological rehabilitation on June 9 and will continue getting treatment. The doctors will discuss with T.O.P’s guardian whether he will get psychiatric treatment in this hospital or move to a different one.”

Earlier on, T.O.P’s mother arrived at the intensive unit with his manager and said, “He’s much better now. He looked me in the eye and recognized me.”

On the same day, a statement of indictment was delivered to the 42 Squadron to which he was assigned.

Police authorities said, “The court sent a statement of indictment to T.O.P on charges of smoking marijuana today. The statement will probably arrive tomorrow as it was sent through registered mail. T.O.P will be losing his status as a conscripted police officer and the authorities will further deliberate his status. His services will end immediately and be sent home.”

According to the rules, conscripted police officers who have been prosecuted without detention are removed from their status once they receive a letter of indictment from the court. T.O.P will be tried in court, and the court will decide on the possibility of the continuation of his army service. First time drug offenders are usually sentenced with probation. In rapper Iron’s case, he was sentenced to eight months in prison and two years of probation for smoking marijuana on three occasions in the first trial.

The court will decide on whether T.O.P will continue his military service. If the court sentences him to more than 18 months in prison, T.O.P will dishonorably discharged from the military. He will no longer be obliged to do his military service. If he is sentenced to less than 18 months in prison, he has to finish the remaining period of his military service.

According to the doctors, T.O.P is recovering quickly. Since he was in a lethargic state after overdosing on tranquilizers, the doctors think that the most important thing to do is evaluate his mental well being. Afterwards, he will be getting treatment from neurologists and psychiatrists.

Meanwhile, the police started the investigation suspecting that T.O.P smoked marijuana in October last year at his house before he joined the police. The police tested his hair, and it came out positive. The police charged T.O.P with violating the drug laws of Korea and sent his case to the prosecutors. Afterwards, the prosecutors prosecuted him with without probation for violating drug laws.

T.O.P passed the final test of the 348th test for recruiting conscripted police officers by the Seoul District Police in November last year. He joined the police in February 9 and was doing his service as as a member of the police band of the Seoul District Office. After being prosecuted, T.O.P was transferred to the fourth task group in Yangcheon-gu.

T.O.P apologized and said, “I would like to apologize for all the disappointment caused by my wrongdoing. I’m too ashamed of myself to even stand in front of people and apologize face to face.”

T.O.P’s first trial will take place on at the Seoul Central District Court on June 29.

Source: Sports Chosun
Translated by YG Life